Saturday, January 17, 2015

Religion - A Delusion By Any Other Name is Still Delusion

The only consistency of religious people is a total lack of comprehension of the difference between fact and fiction. This is even seen in the very few religious people smart enough to understand the scientific method and why it works, think about it though, they don't apply said method to the thing which they use to define their life the most.

I will grant those few intelligent religious people one thing, they know they have no evidence supporting their god claims. Many pagans go one step further and just admit it's a placebo for them, which is the most honest thing a theist could ever say.

But let's focus in the intellectually retarded people who claim to know their god exists and then never once present evidence. One of my friends in Twitter calls then Tortucans, apt but the reference is obscure, I prefer to just call them what they are, deluded.

The nature of delusion was clouded by centuries of psychiatric mumbo jumbo, but modern psychology has managed to unravel the evidence and find the truth on the matter. Psychiatrists do not like the facts on this because they cannot use it as an excuse to abuse patients and kill perfectly healthy people anymore, to them I say fuck you, you are wrong, deal with it.

The simplest definition of delusion is a belief that opposes demonstrable reality, but this definition is for to broad and ends up including optical illusions as well. Optical illusions are not delusion, they are momentary and cannot be avoided, delusion can be permanent and is usually avoidable.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people choose delusion over fact, because delusion is simple and comforting, like a pacifier to an ape infant. So a more accurate definition in the simplistic vernacular that even someone as idiotic as a cretin can understand is: an explanation of reality that opposes or denies demonstrable facts or empirical evidence.

The god delusion is the perfect example, let's choose one of the over 3,000 god delusions to demonstrate, Athena is a perfect choice for this demonstration. When a person is indoctrinated, the delusion is not inherent but the resistance to said delusion is decreased drastically.

In her heyday, when the majority believed she was the greatest of the gods, Athena was given credit for emotions. Today we understand emotions so well we can actually control them using refined chemical compounds called medicine.

Back then the children were constantly told that no one can understand emotions because it would upset Athena, and thus you should just accept them and stop asking questions. They did just that, and for a century no one ever thought to find a way to help those plagued with uncontrollable emotional responses that made them dangerous to society.

Along comes a new god, more popular because he encouraged humans to seek answers, as long as they were subjugate to him and not Athena. So the kids were told not to question that god but to question all the others instead.

The result is doubt for what anyone said but those who claimed to hear this god, the new delusion of the century. The trick of this is that it made the people no longer accept the Athena claims, but kept them blind to the new claims, and when they got to the age of reason this was habit.

This habit of not questioning something that clearly is untrue is called delusion, the loss of the Athena delusion allowed the medical class to eventually find medicines to help calm emotional responses, but the new god that took her place was given credit for lightning and thus people stopped looking for ways to harness that power. The ultimate cost of the god delusions.

Now we have discarded both of those and began studying electricity, chemical compounds, even the forces of nature, because those delusions no longer plague us. A new set of delusions does plague us, ones which threaten our medical advances by discouraging study into biological sciences necessary for further advancement.

To make this worse, this delusion is still packaged by people who do not suffer the delusion and sold to those they know are gullible enough to buy it, we call those snake oil salesmen preachers. We call the gullible sods too stupid to question the preachers theists.

But to get these deluded people help we must destroy the barrier they claim as freedom or tolerance by ridicule and mockery, until religion is no longer protected or given special privilege our species will always be oppressed by it. This delusion is not easy to break through either, science has gotten so much evidence and collected so many facts as to appear scary to the deluded fools.

Religion continues to offer an excuse for the comforts of egocentrism, arrogance, and even crimes against the universe. Religion also offers easy responses to complex problems, and these responses appear to be answers but do not truly offer anything useful.

Those who claim that this is just a placebo, also known as "moderates," are infected by the delusion as well and displaying cognitive dissonance in such responses. Moderate atheists are just enabler, moderate religious people do not actually exist because they still follow that horrible doctrine.

This is why I give special consideration for pagans, you will never hear one pagan use the no true Scotsman fallacy or claim there are moderates, because they learned their lesson and ditched the delusion and the horrible doctrines while admitting that others could exist who still follow the bad ideas. The reason for this difference is that pagans admit everything must change for it to be perfect.

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