Saturday, January 10, 2015

Animals - Our Best Family Members

It is often pointed out that "today's animal abuser is tomorrow's serial killer" by us animal rights activists, but many still ignore the impact religious doctrine has on this phenomenon. Continuing on my "why there are no true moderates in religion" line of discussion.

For a human to bring harm to any other living thing they must believe themselves to be different from that which they kill, such as not being an animal in spite of being the very definition of what an animal is. This allows them to ignore their empathy, conscience, the very things that make them mammals.

In essence, religion makes one behave like reptiles, we should have evolved beyond such behaviors. For this reason, today's believer is ultimately tomorrow's serial killer.

Once a person believes they are in any way better than anything else without earning such a title, they no longer worry about destroying it. This is why religious people must oppose any efforts to protect the environment, defend other animals, even deny our inherent and proven connection to the other animals.

Many will claim this is only the fundamentalists, but then ignore the fact that the ones they claim to be moderates are following the same doctrine, and prone to the same violent responses when their doctrine is challenged. When something need interpreting it is no longer objective, nor fact, and all interpretations become just as valid.

This opens the gateway for the religious preachers, their leaders, to change the interpretation when it suits them, and then convince the followers to do anything they want. We see this every day, in all countries that give religion special status.

To become more specific I will focus on the one I know best, the bible followers. Putting aside the hundreds of different versions and thousands of different "interpretations," the book was written to be contradictory as a tool to control the mindless masses it produces.

The scam of the bible is, itself, a wonderful example of how human thoughts can be manipulated when the human is prevented access to any information that contradicts it. The oldest snake oil claim is "anyone who denies my words is merely a tool for the opposition," a phrase reworded many times in all religious texts that claim absolutes.

A quick side note, the pagan religions rarely claim absolutes so I do acknowledge that some religious beliefs are nit founded on the delusion of an absolute. Please do not consider yourselves the same as Christian, Islam, or even Judaism. Judaism is one that's quiet but still a possible threat, which is why most Jewish people, like me, no longer follow it.

The doctrine of the absolute claims contain many verses discouraging the exploration of reality, thus allowing the leader to supplant whatever reality they wish into the masses. Then the doctrine commands that the followers breed more, and indoctrinate their offspring, thus increasing the number of mindless slaves to the religious leaders.

See, the one way to actually break this cycle of indoctrination is for us atheists to accept responsibility, for the religious leaders are our bad apples. Religious leaders are the atheists who consider the masses so stupid that they can be manipulated with something so obviously a scam.

Eventually the religious followers will see it, the more we remind them that their leaders think they are fools enough to fall for their scam, a scam created by atheists to allow atheists to manipulate the masses, a scam called religion. Reminding them of this fact will push them to begin to break the indoctrination, because it is the last realization of any atheist.

I first noticed this fact when I was really young, about 10 years of age. When the religious leaders of the church first discovered I was asking questions that shattered the doctrine they took me aside and filled my time with teaching instead of learning it.

I was about 8 years of age when they first began to prepare me for helping them to manipulate the flock of sheep, to prepare these sheep for whatever slaughter they wished. After a couple years I began to see what was truly going on, behind the curtains, where even the elders of the church were not allowed, but they allowed me there.

My mother thought it was some calling from their god, the leaders told her that, and she was so very proud in spite of the fact that even if this was true, she had nothing to do with it. It was my deductive reasoning that conquered all indoctrination, making it impossible for them to convince me that snakes talked, even as a metaphor. But it was my empathy and conscience that prevented me from accepting this chance to rule.

It also had a bit to do with the misogyny, a thing I could not support even before transitioning. Males were the ones in charge, because women were too kind to spread the indoctrination and scam, if they had not denied the genetic cause of being transgendered they'd have realized I was more woman than their own wives.

So I bided my time, pretending to lead while actually empowering the other youth, my mother bought it, and only a few of those youth still believe that religious nonsense because of my efforts. Yes, it is us who are ultimately destroying religion, the ones Christians attack and deny exist, as we hide among you to avoid your wrath and violence.

Now some preachers who are cishet have also joined the effort to destroy the  hold religion has, I shall not name them, nor shall I say which churches they reside over, but their efforts are noted by me. Today is the greatest day to be alive, for it is always a step forward.

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