Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Transgendered Allies - A Call to Arms for the USA

A short while ago I wrote a blog post about how those we stood for vanish when transgendered people are attacked, often they join the attackers. The posting of the brought out some unlikely allies, people who have nothing to gain by transgendered equality.

If this is the trend in the world today, we have not moved ahead much. Progress is not made by offering special privileges, but by offering equality, gay and black rights are special privileges if they ignore the transgendered, Asians, etc.

This we see, black kids attacking and killing transgendered being heralded as heroes by the media, gay people refusing to acknowledge transgendered people with respect. So who are these allies I speak of?

The very people the gay and black folks are being oppressed by: straight white people, and Mexicans. The irony is so very thick in this revelation that I find it too difficult to swallow.

These are people who are standing with the transgendered against their own privilege, against their own class of people, to admit that how we are treated by their own is bad. They offer help, but most of all, they offer a simple and effective "I'm sorry."

By standing with us they prove that the stereotypes their own often cling to are completely wrong, these stereotypes were created and enforced by psychiatrists, only psychology works to dispel this. Ah, the connection is made.

The huge difference between the cishet who stand with us and the others is the scientific mind, they think in ways that remove the need for stereotypes. Suddenly they realize one simple truth, us being who we are has no more impact on their lives than someone who gets a nipple pierced or a tattoo of Elvis on their bum.

In reality, changing one's gender is no different than having silicon implanted into your body to shape it, technically the gender change is safer and can even prevent future illnesses caused by the presence of gametes. So why do psychiatrists claim transgendered people are insane?

The phrase is "status quo." Psychiatrists, unlike psychologists, have used the population as test subjects in mad scientists like experiments since the occupation came into existence, who better to experiment on than those they have convinced others are insane?

The results of their experiments are the deaths of millions of people, which they used stereotypes to convince others that these people are better off being dead. Enter the group who cannot be stereotyped, the transgendered.

Historically, transgendered people have always been revered, even among the most violent cultures, though also left to the gutter at the same time. we have been the untouchable minority of history, until psychiatry came along. Psychiatrists saw us as the biggest threat to their power, we demonstrated that no living thing can ever be expected to fit into a box.

So they worked hard to convince their pool of test subjects that we were more insane than anyone else, which opposes everything we have learned since. Scientifically speaking, transgendered is simply another gender which cannot manifest in the mammalian genome, due to the fact that our genes only produce a binary gender system.

This creates a huge gray area which cannot be expressed by any one gender trait, so the organism must find a balance between the two genders that best serves to make it comfortable. We call thus gray are transgendered, and like black holes, the term is maintained even though it's highly inaccurate based on what we have learned.

The notion of gender disphoria is wrong, an incorrect label created by the nonscientific cadre called psychiatry as a way of claiming we were insane, psychology admits that no such unifying label can ever be applied to the collective differences included in transgendered. So now we have a huge problem, in the USA people still cling to the power hungry, mad scientist mentality, of the sadistic cadre called psychiatry, and largely ignore the scientific field of academia called psychology.

So the psychologists do what the can to help the transgendered, they allow us the protection of disability, using many of the effects of social oppression to justify it by labeling us as depressed, antisocial, etc. just so we can at least stay out of society and in the safety of our own homes. But this has a price, one which I will no longer pay, of being hidden.

The heart of psychologists is in the right place, they offer us a means of remaining hidden and therefore safer from the oppressive majority, but this has resulted in it being more dangerous for us to venture or even participate in society. So now we begin to speak out, seeing many of our brothers and sisters being slaughtered and ridiculed by the majority just for being unique has fueled our resolve.

We are now seeing a huge group of allies, true allies, who have the power to severely hurt the majority of society while remaining safely Anonymous. Yes, our greatest ally and a group many of us now belong to has demonstrated the ability to destroy society by removing the very tools we created for it is a true ally to the transgendered.

So I offer this call to arms, disband all psychiatric powers, replace them with the scientifically based psychology, and stop oppressing the transgendered people. We are watching now, USA, your move.

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