Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Islam is Humbug - So are the Other Gods.

Typically I do not focus on one particular religion or god, for none are innocent of horrible doctrine. However, the Abrahamic ones are the most offensive today, and they continue to kill because their imaginary god is so weak that it needs it's mortal followers to kill, torture, and oppress for it.

This includes the cults of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, they all worship the same war god and claim to follow nearly identical doctrine. All the doctrines of these cults are sadistic, violent, misogynistic, and insults to the species.

The sad tact is that the vast majority of followers of these doctrines either know little about their doctrine, or they lie about it to manipulate people into accepting their claims. The tip off is when they ask you to accept their claims without questioning it, they call it faith, the actual label is gullibility.

The god of Islam is so weak, such a whiny little brat, that the believers have to do all it's work for it. If this god truly existed it should be able to fend for itself, if it is worthy of anyone's worship, but instead it must demand the mortals carry out it's demands.

The Christian god is no different, as Christians in the USA demonstrate constantly. It is almost as if neither of these beliefs are accurate, or perhaps this particular god does not actually exist, like Thor and Bast, this god of Abraham is nothing more than myths of deluded old men in a time that we thought the universe revolved around us.

Judaism is much like the others but remains quiet and to itself, much like the only tolerable cult of Christianity called the Amish. The others are in a sad frenzy trying to prove their god exists while ultimately demonstrating that their god does not exist except in their own minds.

Insulting Islam is suppose to be a death sentence, but the god they follow seems oddly absent when insults are made and it's followers have to carry out this sentence instead. Making it impossible to believe that this god even exists, if it is unwilling to defend itself, or it is such a weak little rodent that the claws of human intelligence can shred it should it make it's presence known.

The Christian and Judaic god is weak against iron chariots, the Islam god is weak against humor. The more we think on this, the more likely these gods died a long time ago, dead of old age because they were nothing more than power hungry men that figured out how to take advantage of the deluded minds of timid and inconsequential men.

As I look outside I see the damage done by religion, men clinging to women as if they are property, women moving out of the way to allow the males to pass unhindered. Children afraid to speak up when they know their parents are wrong, nature trampled and banned from the city as if it has no value or is worth less than our species.

Technology wasted in the hands of those who just search for kitty videos and claims made by their leaders so they don't have to think for themselves. People still watch television or listen to the radio for news, this is simply asking to be spoonfed lies and garbage.

Change is resisted because of the religious mindset, a mindset that plagues many atheists in this country as well. Science is leant an ear only when it does not suggest any change, or the change is comforting.

This is all because of religious parents being allowed to indoctrinate the children, and religion being given a special exception to every law. An atheist must justify our actions with sound logic and evidence, while a religious person is allowed to hate, bully, even kill in almost all countries simply because it's their belief.

This privilege must no longer be tolerated, if you cannot present a clear and definitive danger then you cannot excuse killing anything, even the animals that are not human. If the words do not incite hate or are said in jest, then you have no cause for persecution of the one who penned them.

You have a right to be offended, you do not have a right to harm those who offend you, and it is time we enforce the right to offend across the globe. So pen those jokes, post those offensive ideas, make a mockery of the delusions we call religions until everyone knows it is not acceptable to be deluded.

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