Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The War of Religion

The life of a gnat is short, it has evolved to fit a very specific niche and it does this well. The gnat knows only one thing, find food, and thus the gnat knows nothing more of the world around it. Note: religion here refers only to the theistic religions and their gods.

Does this change anything about how humans live? Not at all, as fascinating as the gnat it, it's limited view of reality does not alter how reality works in any way.

Often people will defend religion with "everyone's entitled to their own beliefs." This is just a lie to protect the snake oil, reality does not change just because you believe you can fly without wings.

What's worse is that denying reality allows one to ignore the horror done by others who deny reality, even some atheists have demonstrated this huge problem. Many are against showing the horrific pictures of those slain in the name of a god, instead they focus only on the victim's good pictures.

This is a defensive action, protecting religion from scrutiny, allowing people to deny reality instead of embracing and improving it. We need these horrible images shown, to spread the truth and fuel the outrage against all religion, but more importantly to show their kids how horrible their parents behave because of these religions.

Indoctrination is difficult to break in older people who are set in their ways, neurology explains why this is. So the best strategy to end this insanity is to show their children the reality before they have the wool pulled over it, and instead of fear display anger and mock the fucking religions.

We must also remind ourselves why we fight against the indoctrination, the delusion, and why any delusion is bad when it's protected. We all need to look at these images and put ourselves in the shoes of the victims.

To burn to death us the most painful way to die, imagine the pain through your whole life suffered tenfold in one moment knowing that this is the last thing you will ever feel. Then cry for the victim and raise your fists toward the religious people in outrage, demand justice, not fear, not excuses, not cowardice.

Demand they are all held accountable for this, moderates of any religion are nothing more than subversive liars, those who deny this fact are enablers and complicate. "Moderates" defend and support the doctrine used by those who commit these atrocities, they are just as responsible.

We must end this insanity, or we will all face the same fate at the hands of those who do not like us.

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