Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Conservative or Liberal - Just Say Liberal

So there is this odd misuse of words in the USA, this is so widely spread that some people even call being an atheist a religion. But let's focus on the one word that bothers me most, conservative.

The word liberal is also misused as a result, but that happens less often. Conservative has nothing to do with religious delusion, it has to do with quantity, actually.

The basic use of the word means "to use or apply small amounts." The original conservative political ideology was people who preferred less government influence in personal lives, liberal meant more.

Eventually a platform was built and a standard ideology was adopted in various parts of Europe, none of which had anything to do with religion. It was not until the USA formed that religion was injected, forcefully, into the ideology.

You see, religion is not a conservative ideal in any way, it is liberal, very liberal. No conservative would support punishment for thoughts, and religion demands just that.

The reason thought crimes oppose pure conservatism is that it demands liberal amounts of control, monitoring, and punishment. Any punishment for a thought is, by existing, liberal.

The fact of the matter is that for a set of laws to be conservative they can only contain crimes that directly harm other people. All other laws require more government intervention, thus anything more than that is liberal.

Recently this was pointed out to the fake conservatives called the GOP, and thus they tried to blur the definition of "personhood" to essentially justify their very contradictory platform. This is not conservative, this is very liberal, as liberal as the KKK who wants the government to dictate how people sleep.

The problem is that religion has hijacked the GOP, and turned it into a right winged liberal party then lied to it's constituents and told them it was still conservative. Worse, the supporters were so stupid that they believed the lie, even today when we can see true liberal and conservative parties in other countries, none of which are like our GOP.

The problem is the censoring and manipulation of the media by our government, the true reason for the FCC being formed. Censoring is, in itself, a very liberal idea, and one I oppose vehemently. This has created a circus in place of news, and thus we were never given facts on television or radio.

People who support the GOP still actually rely on media's lies in place of actual facts, so sad and so fucking stupid! They are total morons, idiots, the kind of people we should be locking up and sterilizing.

So to summarize, conservative ideology cannot include religion, only liberals can include such overbearing ideals. Left and right are the best descriptives, and this part is so fantastic that it's nearly orgasmic to consider.

Growing up, using the left hand to write with was considered taboo, before my generation they would actually force kids to use only the right hand. Later we discovered that left handed people think with the right side of the brain, the creative side.

The Republicans and Democrats are like that taboo, the left was originally the basis for many bad ideas. Then it was discovered that the right was really the basis for the bad ideas while the left was a force for progress, much like the way we saw handedness.

So drop the liberal and conservative from the discussion, they're both liberal, just in different ways.

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