Thursday, February 26, 2015

The False God

The redundant arguments of religious people, specifically theists, has reached a boiling point. Now is the time to watch them all collapse in a pool of their own drool as they realize just how stupid they sound.

At least this is what we should see, a decade ago. The fact that they are all using the same lame arguments from a decade or more, some over a thousand years old, shows their inability to even learn from their elders.

In the mid-eighties I had come across a portable computer that was entirely SSD technology, the memory was a partition in the storage. It was an experimental machine that a now forgotten company was testing in the market, and it failed then.

I loved it and looked forward to a day when memory was fluid, massive, and affordable, but no one wanted to ditch the disks. This is what it's like being an atheist, today we see SSD technology everywhere, it is the primary format for mass storage and RAM in almost everything we use.

The god claims are like the floppy disk, people refuse to ditch them in spite of then having been obsolete for many years now, sanity (AKA atheist) is the SSD technology that should have replaced the obsolete ideas long ago.

The reasons for people not wanting to advance are simpler, and more frightening, than one might expect. I am sure there are psychologists who would assert it's a complex issue, but they are often guilty of overanalyzing how people think anyway.

The reason is comforting complacency, the majority have grown comfortable just doing the same thing over and over even when it's a bad thing as a way to ignore the fear of the inevitable outcome. So long as they tow the line they are too busy to contemplate the thing they fear most, a thing that also proves they know their god does not exist, the thing we call death.

It is difficult, nearly impossible, to imagine not existing, the very notion frightens all intelligences. It should frighten us, it is the best reason to ditch superstition and embrace logic, reason, and the tools developed by our intelligence.

Because of modern science we can now expect to live until at least 80 years, 120 is the longest we can expect at this time. If we can advance that same medicine fast enough we may conquer mortality, we will essentially defy all proposed gods by doing this.

So why don't the preachers want this? If you remove the fear of death then you remove the illness their snake oil (the god) claims to cure, like we did with polio and measles we will accomplish this.

Religious people need to ask themselves if they would rather take a wager on their preacher being honest, or if they would rather defy their superstitions and be part of the first batch of immortal humans. I will defy your gods, as I have my entire life, only I will defy them by becoming immortal even if it means a war with theists.

Immortality not because of my fear of death, but because I want to see life on other worlds, and to traverse such distances we will need immortality. This also means we will need to be rid of religion, but if there is a god it is likely angry with religious people and pleased with us, those who do not worship false gods.

Think on that for just a moment, when you buy a religion you are not worshipping "whichever god is actually real," you are worshipping the claim made by a preacher of a god existing, you are worshipping a false god. In all religions worshipping the wrong god is far worse than worshipping no god.

There is the entire point religious leaders will kill to hide, for if any such god existed it would be more insulted for someone to worship a false god than for them to accomplish great things without worship. Think of it like a parent, you should want to see your child succeed where you fail, and thus your child must first reach your level, we must reach the level of a god before a god could be proud of it's creation.

So will you defy the god by worshipping your preachers' claims, or will you please the god that might exist by matching it's knowledge and power on your own?

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