Saturday, February 7, 2015

A True Doomsday Possibility

I can be quoted numerous times saying that our species growth rate is unsustainable, this is supported by simple math so … let's do the math. Prior to modern medicine, before even primitive medicine, before safety offered by social structure, any human was lucky to live past puberty.

Because of this selective pressure we evolved a breeding cycle that rivals rabbits, and sex drives to match. There were only a few million of us during the best years at that time, luckily we were never less than a few hundred thousand or we'd not have made it at all after breeding the neanderthal into our species.

So we were short lived yet quick to reproduce and smart enough to hide from the lions instead of taming them on unarmed. It was the latter trait that gave birth to the first step toward over population.

We formed social structures, allowing us to organize tasks based on abilities, and helping to protect our young so they had a better chance of reproducing before dying, and our population began growing beyond the boundaries of land and sea. Then we invented science, by then we were past sustainable.

Our population has begun to grow exponentially due to modern medicine, a result of science, increasing our lifespans to nearly five times what it was at our beginnings. This same science has also explained why we must stop breeding, hypocritically many people deny that part while enjoying the medicine the same science developed.

The aspect of our modern species that is denied most is our tenacity to deny our own mistakes, even when our very existence is threatened by said mistakes. We invent reasons why it's either not a mistake, or some magical savior who will come and correct it for us like this Jesus myth.

Many of us have taken to living in our own fantasy worlds just because the fantasies that are causing harm to us and the planet are holding onto the minds of our society like a cancer. We become self absorbed in video games and novels to escape the horror caused by the mass delusion of religion.

Very few of us have the stomach, and the patience, to attack these delusions head on, but we are losing the battle against the cancers of religion, war, and ignorance. Now we are at the point of no return, we must slow our breeding even if it means forced sterilization and neutering, or those born of these acts will have no world to live on.

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