Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Real Illuminati

The computer world is not only real, it is controlled by us geeky atheists. The geeks have inherited the Earth, and this is a good thing.

First, often people will call the physical world the "real" world and refer to the computer world as just "the internet." The computer world is real though, and the physical world today is dependent on the computer world's state, in such profound ways that no human society can exist without it now.

This is evidenced in regions where they attempt to censor or ban access to the computer world, those regions are often blights on our species, chaos and disease run the societies there. Modern society, the very health we all enjoy, money, business, everything depends on the computer world and has depended on it since the 1950s, in spite of some nostalgic lies told by deluded old fools in bars.

Our masks in the physical world are gone online, the honest personality, the real us, is exposed when we are typing in text. Often people will use slurs like "keyboard commando" when someone else shows their true colors, and this is true but it's the reason you can actually see who they are online, but not in the physical world.

In the physical world we wear masks, we are vulnerable and our fear forces most of us to behave how society demands even if contrary to our own personality, even if the behavior is bad. In the computer world we are not forced to behave based on social tenets and thus, we become ourselves.

The second part is why atheists and geeks control the computer world, most geeks and atheists are persecuted or even physically harmed by societies. In the computer world that we created we are safe to share facts, information, and blasphemy, in the safety of the world we created where we are in control of everything.

The drawback is that to avoid being hypocrites we must allow all people the same privilege, at least some think this is a drawback. It is actually a very great thing, for those who are causing the physical world societies to be dangerous to us are showing their true colors online, and it's easy to get them to say the stupid things online that they fear saying in the physical world.

The funny part is that they actually think they are anonymous, but only Anonymous is truly anonymous, and they remain such as a way of keeping control. Anonymous is our police, our military, and our judges for the computer world, so they are welcomed by geeks and atheists, feared by the religious, and hated by dictators, because Anonymous is us, all of us.

Since the first computer systems were installed, no one alive today has lived before that, geeks have had control of everything. From government defenses to records of everything you do and are, every keystroke is filed and recorded, every phone call is tracked and the number stored, every purchase (even with cash) is also on file somewhere.

The point is, the conspiracy nuts are all wrong, there is an Illuminati like organization, we are just not very organized.

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