Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stupid People Can Teach Us

What make the scam called religion so insidious is that stupid people will never know just how stupid they are. Intelligent people doubt themselves quite a lot, however, stupid people often think intelligent people are just being arrogant when we correct their stupid notions.

One's head could spin just trying to explain to a stupid person how stupid they are, so most intelligent people will just snicker and move on. Other intelligent people will beat themselves over the head trying to make the stupid person think.

Then there are us, I often refer to myself as a realist, and this should illustrate why. I know the stupid people will be stupid because they don't think being stupid is a bad thing, so I just encourage them to be stupid.

By making them act stupid they show younger generations why the elders they're told to respect are likely not worthy of anything more than polite mockery. So when I engage someone in a long discussion about something they clearly know nothing about it's not for my benefit, or theirs, at least not directly.

I do it so fewer people in the next generation will make the same mistake of thinking stupid is attractive in any way. The misuse of words is the biggest sign of stupidity and ignorance, and this becomes more apparent online than anywhere else.

The irony of religious people attempting to redefine words is that it makes them look like total morons,  youth can look it upon the very machine they are reading this nonsense then see that their "elders" are purposefully misusing a word. Ultimately this benefits the young reader and gets them to question everything they've been told.

This doubt of a things told is what helps destroy the poisonous grasp religion has on our species, because religion cannot survive in without a sea of ignorance. A short list of words that religious people will redefine include: atheist, evolution, science, empirical, and theory.

Should someone redefine or misuse these words you can be absolutely certain they are religious and lying to convince you that their snake oil works better than the snake oil of the other religions. Often they even try to pose as scientists when they are nothing more than laborers or pastors too stupid to learn anything real.

So young people, unless you want to be stuck selling snake oil, keep questioning us older people. Many in my generation failed to do that, none of us wrote a scientific paper before we were thirty either.

As for respect, if you even think age defines how much respect you deserve then you have been indoctrinated already. Age is just a measurement of how lucky you are, nothing more.

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