Friday, February 20, 2015

Disabled Is A Lie

Working with disabilities is not impossible, however, getting a job after being declared disabled is almost impossible. The problem is not the discrimination, even without the laws against it.

The problem is much deeper than that, ironically perpetuated by the working class in the USA more than the wealthy. If you are compassionate, you likely have this predefined concept that a disabled person needs special considerations resulting in you being aggressively nice.

This is the polite but obvious "don't stare" mentality, staring is not a problem, the condescending attitudes are. Disabled people are not less than you, the label is a misnomer, they are just not typical of the species.

If you have no compassion you likely think all disabled people, or a lot of us, are lazy people who just don't want to work. This stigma is precisely why so many of us are stuck being paid from your tax dollars.

How can someone show they are not lazy if you do not offer them a chance to work? Think on that a moment before you go crying about disability fraud, and remember that only a few claims are fraudulent at any given moment.

These stigmas make getting hired impossible, because no one wants to work someplace they are treated like a child nor will someone who thinks they are lazy hire them in the first place. This creates a very hostile situation, forcing most disabled USA citizens to just avoid trying.

Another one is pain, many disabilities cause large amounts of constant pain and we learn to smile in spite of it. This pain is considered debilitating for many reasons, the most prominent one being sleep deprivation caused by it.

This prevents a schedule from being followed unless the pain itself can be managed or removed. The ironic part is that any surgeries that could lessen or even stop pain are not offered for the few cases in which an option is possible, instead everyone screams at the person suffering and with the government they guilt trip the person suffering.

To make all this worse, most disabled people want to work. Consider that disability payments pay less than the poverty wage, sometimes as little as half that, and without a job the only thing you have to entertain yourself is old tech tossed out by other people.

Or you could read those old books that you collected from a trash bin for the thousandth time. This life is not fun, it's boring, tedious, monotonous, and often a cause of suicide.

In short, without some way to participate in the world, you are not really alive, and with our excessive population we can't just move to the wilds and live in peace. So you who are typical, you have no option other than to keep paying us a few thousand dollars a year, or offer us medical help that works and hire us while treating us like you get treated.

Those are your only two options, so stop your bitching and just make the choice. We are not going away just because you don't like us.

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