Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Livestock On The Streets

Recently I commented that Pepper, a gray tabby I adopted many months ago, has finally started acting like a cat again. The reason she was acting so different is that her previous human companions had betrayed her many times and for many years.

This reminds me that humanity had lost it's capacity for unconditional love and friendship with the advent of society. Our social structure has demanded we place not only conditions on everything, but also value and worth.

One thing caused this to happen, the cancer of religion. The delusion called god places conditions and value on it's favor and acceptance from the beginning, it is by doing this that leaders can guilt believers into giving them more "sacrifices."

Then children are indoctrinated into this notion that everything must be earned, even love. If something must be earned then it is conditional and has a social value, it can also be traded.

This has, ultimately, destroyed our specie's ability to comprehend what unconditional means, now we use that term incorrectly more than not. If you want to see unconditional love adopt a cat or dog from the Humane Society.

Even if they have been abused they will love the one who they live with once they adjust to their new location. Even if you strike one, causing pain, they will beg for your affection and attention, and they will be there when you are at your lowest.

Just thinking of harming an animal like that make my eyes tear up, it hurts me to think of them being hurt by my own species. We are not the only animals on the planet and it's time we learned what we have forgotten from the others before we destroy ourselves … and them.

Walking between shops and home I came to realize that humanity is nothing more than livestock, constantly breeding and then discarding the ones they don't like. If we were to love unconditionally this would be impossible, our species would slow it's breeding to protect everything from our own advances.

Many people think it's pollution itself that's the problem, they never want to admit it's because of how many humans there are. The amount of pollution per person is on par with other animals, pollution from one species is also a resource for another, as long as the other species has the same population …

Therein lies the problem, we have not only over populated, we are constantly destroying other species as well, playing as if we are privileged and smarter than the universe. We are, smarter, but we have not been around nearly as long.

The system we are part of is an ongoing set of chemical reactions that have equalized, balanced. We are disrupting this balance and then placing bandaids over the problems it's causing instead of doing the one simple thing we must do to survive: stop fucking.

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