Sunday, February 22, 2015

Organic And Health Food Scams

Food is chemicals, end of story. All things that exist are either chemical or energy, there is possible way to find any food without chemicals in it, but many companies claim they sell this impossible substance.

This is one of the perfect examples of how stupid most people are, the majority are so stupid that any time you agree with the majority, you should question your sanity and then your stance. Businesses rely on you not questioning popular opinion, and the ones that thrive on such are ones that often sell dangerous products or underpay their employees.

The biggest trend today is organic, which is a stupid label for it because all life is organic and there are many very poisonous organic substances. To put in perspective though, almost all deadly substances for humans are organic, only a few are not.

Most acids used as preservatives in packaged foods are organic, hydrochloric acid is produced in your stomach and is often used as a preservative. Ascorbic acid, sounds scary but it's really important and we often call it vitamin c, is also an antioxidant that helps your cells stay healthy, and it's a very common preservative in almost all processed foods.

Actually, the best source for ascorbic acid is processed foods, or bugs. Iodine, another organic compound that's added to our food but is not considered organic by the idiots who deny modern science, is a very necessary chemical for our cells to function and is most commonly found in insects as well.

That's the problem, the "organic" and "health" food industries depend on people remaining stupid, so stupid as to not understand that sodium, carbon, acids are all necessary for life. The sad fact is that it doesn't take a degree in biochemistry to understand this today, you can Google it now.

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