Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moderate Christian, Muslim, Judaism

The problem atheist people face most is the "what about these guys" red herring. When pointing out the flaws in one delusion, someone always has to say something like "at least it's not as bad as these other guys."

This is a fallacious red herring used only to avoid responsibility, all religions are delusions and all delusions are bad. The primary reason is that indoctrinating their children is abusive.

Dragging kids through church, or any religious practice, is child abuse, plain and simple. It is indoctrinating them, forcing them to pretend they believe the nonsense until their sanity breaks and all doubts vanish.

Ask a child of ten who was raised without religion to read one bible story, then ask what they think about it. You will always get the same reactions us atheist people have, it's just some poorly written and unbelievable story.

Religion is also inherently tribalism, it requires you oppress, ridicule, even actively oppose anyone different. If it does not do these things, the religion fades into obscurity, as we are seeing happen to the pagan religions who have modernized.

Another red herring is the "moderate" comparison, which is as fallacious as the no true Scotsman fallacy. People who claim to follow a doctrine can be judged by said doctrine, if such a doctrine commands them to kill someone but they claim that it's just a metaphor, they are leaving it open for reinterpretation later, like a bookmark for future reference to justify killing someone.

So there is no such thing as a "moderate" in religion, the doctrine is there, it offers them an excuse to revert to barbaric behaviors, so they can be judged based on that doctrine. This holds true for all religions, even Muslims.

Pagans have simplified their doctrine to possess only one basic principle, don't hurt other beings. It is because of this simple doctrine that we cannot judge the modern pagans harshly, it is also why the religions are vanishing.

The old doctrines of pagans were as horrible as all the modern Abrahamic religions, full of human sacrifices, torture, commands for war, excuses for vile acts. But unlike the the gods of Abraham, the pagans never claimed it was unchanging, so they modernized and improved.

Christians and Muslims still claim their god is unchanging, so does Judaism, and their doctrine still contains commands and excuses for horrible acts. So yes, I will judge them all based on the doctrine they claim to follow even if they currently ignore the horrible stuff.

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