Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Marijuana Woes in Washington

I have a friend who is currently fighting a system of corruption. His story is not unique, but seeing the stress it causes him encouraged  me to type a blog post on the subject.

As everyone should know, Washington made pot "legal," by removing the ban on it's consumption. Recently the state changed the regulations of processing and sales of the plant, but established operations were allowed to work under the old regulations until further notice.

That notice did not come with legal counsel, or representation, instead it came with a gun and a badge. The police of his city defied the laws and took matters into their own hands, ruining his legitimate operation.

He was not making millions of dollars selling pot to recreational smokers, this operation was offering the plant and chemicals extracted from it to people who were in need for very low prices.

He extracted CBDs from the plant for some, a promising new field of research shows that these can help fight cancer. He also sold the plant to people who suffered from hyperactive and eating disorders, THC has a known benefit for such cases.

His only crime was undercutting the state's profits. Ironically, he's a conservative and he use to be a patriot, perhaps he'll open his eyes now.

Because he did not actually break any laws, the courts are trying to prosecute him with simple misdemeanors. He does have a chance to change the political landscape though, and he's going to try to sue for damages.

His lawyer appears to believe there is a case for damages, but seeing the stress begin to take it's toll on him worries me. So I want to tell his story before it hits the media spin machine, before the lies compound his problems.

He is not a bad person, not a drug pusher. He only tried to help the only way he knew how.

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