Monday, September 28, 2015

Conservative Conundrum

Republicans are facing a crisis of faith, those who once had blind faith in following them are now beginning to see their true colors. Having alienated all minority groups, they have inadvertantly alienated over half of the majority.

The end result is a last ditch effort to maintain what masses they still have fooled, the ignorant mouth breathers who thump bibles with assault rifles. These masses are lulled by minorities paid by Republicans to be self hating, a despicable yet all too common tactic.

Yes, the Democrats have done this same thing in the past, but the Democrats learned from their mistakes and moved forward. In contrast, the Republicans have moved backwards.

The few respectable Republican politicians are beginning to pull away from the GOP, going independent rather than be stuck with the label that is now synonymous with hatred.

Now for those thinking the Republicans are conservative, they are not. The GOP has stolen the label of conservative and polluted it to mean something which it does not.

Conservatives, like me, do not like the idea of bans, censorship, or any other restriction to personal freedoms. This does not me we oppose regulation of industries, so long as those regulations benefit individuals equally.

An example is gun regulations, a conservative does not oppose preventing criminals and potentially dangerous individuals from obtaining deadly weapons. Regulations help protect the sane and law abiding citizens, it's not a perfect solution but it is fair.

Another example is abortion, a conservative should not oppose a woman's right to choice, since they are affected by this much more than males. Of course some regulation is required to ensure that there is justifiable cause, but banning abortion only encourages a criminal market and removes personal responsibility.

Less government does not mean we should embrace Anarchy, nor does it mean we should allow a theocracy to be established. Less government means fewer restrictions on personal freedoms, not "do the exact opposite of liberals."

Ironically, liberals should be the only ones calling for bans and censorship, yet they have become the moderates in the USA. In the mean time, most conservatives in the USA now endorse a theocracy, a form of government that the original Republicans and conservatives warned against.

This is the landscape today, the USA has gone completely backwards, inside out, and insane all because people here have misused words for so long. The positive side effect of this, the deluded freaks that now support the Republicans are no longer able to hide from criticism.

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