Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Responsibility of Guns

When gun violence plagues this country you get two reaction, one side cries for more regulations, the other cries about the first using an example as an example. The fact is, all tragedy is an example of where we must improve.

Regulations can help alleviate problems, so long as the regulations are reasonable and demonstrably effective. One great idea is better enforcement of background checks and psychological evaluations.

Neither of these harm anyone, we know they will reduce the number of criminals who can legally obtain a weapon, they will also reduce the number of weapons in the hands of potentially dangerous individuals. As a side effect, we will see a reduction in guns available for theft.

One factor ignored by the faux-right is that more guns means more opportunity for those guns to be stolen from irresponsible owners. Addendum that could be added is that if you had a weapon stolen from you, you are considered irresponsible and not allowed one.

This would reduce the number of illegally obtainable weapons, by reducing the number of guns in the hands of the gun owners that are giving all gun owners a bad name. The sad part of this, the responsible gun owners are being punished for the acts of irresponsible gun owners because of a lack of regulation.

Every time a legally obtained gun is used in a crime, the responsible gun owners all look bad, the entire industry looks bad. Yet somehow, responsible gun owners have been convinced that the regulations would hurt them instead.

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