Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is Abortion Wrong?

Life does not begin at conception, it actually begins long before that. Every cell in your body is a living organism, specialized for a mobile and isolated ecosystem we call your body.

This is a basic fact that is often ignored by opponents of abortion, they arm themselves with ignorance and redefine words simply to scare people into listening to them. Consider the misuse of the word "baby" in place of fetus, it is illegal to abort prior to 21 weeks everywhere, in many states 18 weeks is the oldest.

What they are attempting to assert is that fetuses are sentient, which is still incorrect. They conflate living with sentience, and never learn the difference because of their closed minds.

A fetus is not sentient, it cannot be sentient, sentience requires a functioning brain and  nervous system. In AI development they are just now figuring this out, though I pointed it out several decades ago.

For sentience to develop the neural network must begin processing information, this information must come from the senses. The senses receive this information from the world around them.

Limiting the world has a nearly identical effect as removing the senses, it prevents the brain from learning. The first step to sentience is to record the information, processing cannot begin until enough information is recorded.

By widening the definition of life, opponents of abortion inadvertantly equate human life to cancer cells, which is not entirely inaccurate but that is a different topic. Scientifically, we define life loosely because we have no clear definitive boundary, even our machines fit the definition of life, so morally we act based on level of sentience.

A fully sentient organism is considered of higher value than those not sentient, thus a cat is valuable but a germ is not. By extension, a baby is valuable but a fetus is not.

This is why then opponents of abortion are calling a fetus a baby, a sad and dishonest attempt to force value onto something which has none in science. By doing this, they prove that they are not using science in their argument, their entire argument is based on objectifying women.

Ultimately, being an opponent to abortion is the perfect example of hypocrisy, they are delegating women to less valuable than nonsentient organisms. 

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