Friday, September 4, 2015

The Transgender Holocaust?

My grandfather was the one who noticed that what transgendered people are going through in the USA parallels how all holocausts started. The first step in all such events is demoralization, make the targets feel like they're unwanted.

This was done a while ago, by psychiatrists and medical professionals. Going to a doctor as a transgendered person is a nightmare, to survive you have to tolerate the bigotry and hate of morons who think you're insane just for being you.

Then when you show any courage or backbone they claim you're a danger and then have you locked up. So you sit there in silence taking their verbal abuses in the hopes that you won't die of an ailment while they laugh and mock you just within hearing range.

If you're lucky, they'll take your complaints seriously and at least offer some advice, more often than not you will be told it's nothing and sent on your way. They won't do any actual tests to verify that you're healthy, but they will charge the insurance and government for tests they never did.

Virginia Mason did that to me, they charged Medicare for services they did not provide. Ironic that, until recently, the government just accepted the doctor's claims without question.

In society, groups are consistently attacking transgendered rights, doing everything they can to keep us as third class citizens. The result is that the system had to find excuses to place us on disability, which makes matters worse.

By doing what they could to protect us from the masses they inevitably gave the bigots more excuses to hate us, and the doctors more reasons to ignore our legitimate complaints. The end result is that we are forced to live in what is best described as a virtual concentration camp.

We have no one to trust but our own, and every time we attempt to ask for some respect we get harassed or killed. When a transgendered person is killed it is almost guaranteed that the killer will not face justice in the USA.

Crimes against transgendered are thought to be our own fault in every instance, often the killers are police themselves so calling for help is useless. We are forced to live with bigots who misgender us, being forced to wear the label of the gender we do not fit into.

The end result is a systematic elimination of transgendered people, and the complacency of those who think they're allies only serves to aid in this. Allies are not people who don't hurt you, they are not people who claim it's all in your imagination, nor are they people who turn a blind eye to complaints just because they don't see it happening.

So if you consider yourself an ally, don't just sit there not hurting us, help the transgendered people. Write to your politicians, stand up against bullies, go out of your way to protect us from the masses.

Prevent a transgender holocaust from happening.

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