Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim Davis the Martyr

Gay rights has been a massive war between people who think everyone should be treated equal and those who do not. It mirrors the same event for racial equality we once faced, with one huge difference.

Today we have the internet, information is no longer lost or buried, and we can now see it all in real time without the lag and filtering of media outlets. The result is that this is struggle is moving much faster than the troglodytes who oppose equality can cope.

To make matters more challenging for the troglodytes, it takes seconds for the news of one of their own to spread through the internet. Then it takes days for the leaders of the troglodytes to notice that their own have made a fool of them all.

By that time it is too late for them to bury it, and so they lie instead, and change the story to suit their agenda. Kim Davis is the perfect example, the leaders of the troglodytes had to hide the fact that she was doing exactly what everyone else predicted "religious liberty" would cause.

So they turned her into a martyr, well they tried to but failed miserably thanks to the internet. The moment they attempted to lie, claiming it was because of her religion that she was being jailed, everyone else already knew the truth.

The only fools who believe the lies told by the leaders of the troglodytes are the troglodytes themselves. Elected officials are simply not allowed to apply the laws as they see fit individually, to do so would be no better than anarchy.

The branches of government make the laws as a whole, each branch responsible for a part of the process. The judicial branch determines how the laws are applied, and they take an oath to not discriminate in this matter.

Note, they do not take oaths to keep the laws from changing, they take oaths to uphold the laws even as they change. All government officials, even Kim Davis, take such an oath.

Government officials do not take an oath stating they'll enforce the laws as long as they don't change, yet I have encountered this excuse from a troglodyte. They claimed that since the law changed after she got the job she was allowed to defy that law, and continue to be paid from our taxes for doing it.

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  1. Kitten, Kim Davis is being offered up as a sound Christian who is representing Christianity accurately. Fortunately nothing could be further from the truth. First, no Christian has grounds to demand any other citizen of this country abide by the Laws of the Judaeo Christian God. We are a country governed by the Constitution and the State laws which we live under. This has been the case for Christianity since it's existence and is clearly illustrated in Romans 13:1–7. Second, our government has no business inserting itself into Religious matters. Marriage is a religious institution, and as such should remain there. IMHO the goverment should issue Civil Unions to all, Gay, Straight, Polygamists, etc. Let the faith of each determine which ceremony they observe to honor their beliefs. Christians have a right to define marriage in their world view, but not to enforce that on anyone else. It would be nice if we were afforded the same right.