Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Transgendered Self Harm

Cisgendered are rather ignorant, even those who mean well make sweeping assumptions and refer to stereotypes perpetuated by the religion called psychiatry. Transgendered suffer great injustices because of this, and it is the primary reason we cannot trust cisgendered no matter how well meaning they are.

The problem stems from how much our society has been indoctrinated by psychiatry, not to be confused with the science based medicine of psychology. The inherent reaction of any cisgendered when a transgendered says they have been hurt is that we are either making it all up, or that we did it to ourselves through acts of self destruction.

Medical doctors routinely make these assumptions, and as a repercussion most transgendered are killed by their inaction. To make it worse, these deaths are assumed to be suicides or caused by self harm and no cisgendered ever questions it.

So far I have discovered no one who does not assume that every ailment I face is not self inflicted, sadly this is my reality and why I cannot trust cisgendered with much information about myself. Cis privilege ruins our society, it endorses the use of stereotypes across the board, the very same thing that cisgendered complain about when it affects them directly.

I recently got hurt on accident, because of a problem ignored by doctors, and told a friend. This friend immediately assumed it was self harm, in spite of the fact that I had explained to him the medical issues I face.

So the next time a transgendered person just looks at you like you're an idiot, remember that it's because you are conditioned to be an idiot.

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