Monday, March 24, 2014

What Is Evidence - Why the bible is not evidence.

Often when a christian is asked for evidence of their god they say the bible is the evidence. This is very fallacious, and does nothing but avoid the burden of proof. The reason they do this is because they have been indoctrinated into thinking that the bible is infallible, which is obviously not true of any religious doctrine for many reasons.

I will stick with the bible specifically, though this is true of all religious texts. The bible was written by a bunch of people during a time when education was lacking as well as understanding of how the universe works. It was written with one purpose in mind, a way to take advantage of the fears of people who knew nothing but had enough time to think of the really scary things, like death.

This fear of death is paralyzing, and when we are not struggling for survival our minds will often wander to this simple yet powerful fear. The advent of civilization gave people a lot of free time to sit and think about such things, so this fear became an everyday thing, and religious leaders saw this as the perfect opportunity to wrest control of the masses without bloodshed.

Sounds so great, until you realize they wanted the control to encourage more bloodshed against the people they didn't like. So that is why the book was written the way it was, full of contradictions as a means of endorsing anything the leader wanted endorsed at the time. Then should the leader change their mind they could recite the part that contradicts the original statement.

But the problem was how to convince the people that this one book was flawless, to convince them that it was perfect. To do that they had the brilliant idea of having the book assert it's own validity, thus no other evidence would be required. The problem is that this is just another assertion, and it's an assertion which cannot be supported by evidence in any way.

What that boils down to is that the bible is inherently false because it claims otherwise. Us atheists tend to call it circular reasoning, it's true because it claims to be true. This form of logic is a trap, intended to lure in the uneducated and stupid masses who toiled the fields and begged in the street.

So this leads to yet another point that explains how the bible cannot be evidence, it actually encourages people to remain naive, even praising stupidity and placing ignorance on a pedestal.  This is written in many places, repeated enough to actually encourage the believers to remain ignorant.

There is one tiny verse which contradicts this, which was added so the leaders could, again, insert what they want into the doctrine leaving the believers no reason to oppose it. Ultimately, the entire book is nothing more than a manual on brainwashing, and that can never be utilized as evidence for any assertion, especially for the claim of there being a specific god of any sort.

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