Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Technology is Awesome

I have been one of those people who whine about upgrading all the time, mostly because I can't afford the cost of keeping up. But that's really the only reason I don't like it. The reality contradicts my own complaints, I love new technology.

My ten year old computer at home is like an old friend, on his last leg even, but he has done so much for me, from CGI to vlogging. Sadly, he is no longer capable of either, his hardware is finally breaking down. Recently I needed to borrow some money on my new credit card, so I can pay it back to build a credit rating, and decided it may as well be a tablet PC to start things off right.

Gotta say, I am impressed. Very impressed, and happy to finally see my favorite technology make a return. The technology has come such a long way, the apps actually recognize, and understand, my voice. My voice is one of those that technology just hates, for some reason. Voice operated phone systems never like me, even today, but this tablet understands me.

Autocorrect is a feature that's both awesome, and annoying, but more awesome. If it does screw things up, you get a good laugh, but when it works it can save your message. One of those double edged things.

The only complaint are the games, most of them look the same, and the standard look sucks. But meh, games are not the main use, just something to pass time when bored, which I have a 3DS for that anyway. The great thing about the apps is all the free stuff you can get, many of them are useful in many ways.

I have gained a new appreciation for Google Maps, and other Google apps, though I still don't like what they did to YouTube, and the YouTube app is less than adequate. The Twitter app has impressed me, a lot more than I thought it would.

At first the Twitter app seemed less than great, the timeline was bland and looked more like a chat list, but then I played around with other aspects and features and came to love it. Combined with the app switching that's seamless and smooth, the tablet PC has become my new favorite.

Soon I will get a smart phone, just because I may as well dive in all the way. Who knows what I will find with one of those, but I am looking forward to playing with the phone specific apps, like the compass. So if you're one of those resisting the flow, trying not to move into the future, do yourself a favor and give in.

You never know just what you will find in the new technology, and chances are you will also be impressed with it. Sure, the prices can be a bit daunting to some people, but if you can afford to buy one new tech today, do it. Google search on the go is one of the most useful things ever.

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