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Transgendered Asexual - Contradiction or Misconception?

Often people will incorrectly assume a person who is transgendered is inherently sexual, even excessively sexual. But in reality, transgender only refers to a person's gender, not their sexuality at all. A transgendered person can be gay, straight, or even bisexual ... or asexual. The problem here lies in the fact that people still have several misconceptions, not only about transgendered people, but also asexual people.

The most common myth I hear is that people cannot be asexual. That patently false, humans cannot reproduce asexually like bacteria or viruses, but they can lack sexual desires and attractions. This results in a lack of sexual orientation, dating does not count as sex, nor is sexual attraction required to love someone else, of any gender. The entire culture of false dichotomies has produced more myths and misconceptions than one could cover in a single blog post, and here I am focusing on these two specifically.

In reality, sexuality, as I have addressed in a previous blog post, cannot be simplified into only two categories, or labels. Asexual people are the most forgotten and oppressed of all sexual types, because of the false dichotomies. Many people do not even consider bisexuals to be real, another victim of the same false dichotomy. Gender is one of the most common false dichotomies as well.

A transgendered person is not going to inherently want to be the opposite gender, there is, and has to be, a lot of gray there. Some want to be non-gendered, as in having absolutely no gender identity or even identifying traits at all, yet society will not accept these people. To make matters worse, even transgendered people will not accept the ones who are in the gray areas as well. I have been a victim of the latter. In life I am literally 100% passable, even when I attempted to be male people would often ask if I was really a female, I had no simple answer for them at the time.

I am one of those in the gray area, but when push comes to shove I enter the role of female only because society will not allow me the neutral gender, having no gender or genitals is simply not an option, according to society and medical doctors. This part is key, the medical community denies that people could want to live both sexless and genderless. Which is contrary to what science has discovered recently. Not only do people with sexless and genderless roles exist, we are abused more by medical personnel than anyone else.

I have avoided adding my voice to this, mainly because I am completely passable as a female that I have a unique opportunity to witness the hatred for transgendered people from the other side, to hear the women who, in front of one they know being transgendered will be kind to them, say vile and disgusting things about them when not in their presence. This hidden hatred has bothered me, and I have done what I can to combat it, and due to a development in my life which may mean serious problems, I have decided to finally dive into my problems.

Homosexuals have almost attained equality, the finish line is in sight and the majority are now willing to see such problems as they are instead of shying from them. Transgendered will gain this equality next, the time for them is near, however the non-gendered will still be left in the closets, along with the asexual and bisexual people. So will the other gender identities, like the cross-gendered. The answer the medical community has for all these variations is to diagnose them as psychologically unstable, then sweep the under the carpet.

I have had a run through the system, just admitting what I am to a psychiatrist gave him the sudden urge to get me locked away, of course he did not realize he was dealing with someone who was just as manipulative as he is and I was released as quickly. I have learned how to play any and all medical systems now, I am not one to take being abused without learning how to abuse them in return. I am still stuck on disability, it is difficult, if possible at all, to get a business to hire you when you are diagnosed with depression, in spite of the fact that depression is the most mild of all the disabilities and those of us with that diagnosis can, and often want to, work just as well as any other employee.

So now it is time to expose the system for how corrupt and abusive it really is. I have addressed much of the problems with psychiatrists and medical doctors in previous posts, showing how they can be just as abusive in general to everyone. Now I will explain how they are wasting billions of your tax dollars on a minority so small that a single person could actually count us. I will give you two minorities for the price of one, seeing as how I belong to the two smallest of the smallest minority groups in the world.

Yes, billions on two groups of people that account for such a small number as to be countable without the inaccuracy of statistical math, and that's putting both groups together as one. What the medical community does when you admit to being asexual is assume you are lying. They will often run you through a battery of tests, often at the expense of the taxpayers, that are completely unnecessary, which often causes them to miss any real problems that eventually grow into something worse, which the taxpayer has to pay for correcting later at an even greater expense. All this amounts to a lot of money for one patient being bled from the state and federal funds. Simply so they can deny that the person is what they admit to being.

Yes, an asexual person will not need most tests for STDs, yet I am often tested, unknowingly, for all of them. These are not cheap tests, I  am tested for them because being transgendered they assume I am lying about being asexual. When I had the gallstone attacks, the only things they tested me for were STDs and other less common ailments, gallstones are quite common in those with low testosterone, women and any transgendered women. This means they ignored one key part of my medical history, just to deny that I was what I admitted to being, there was no need to check for STDs without first eliminating the more common ailments.

The end result was a surgery that was complicated because of the delay in diagnosis, which cost the state several thousand dollars. It could have cost about $1K, maybe even less, had there been no complications, however the complications also called for a lengthy hospital stay for recovery, which included meals of course. Luckily the hospital I was at had wonderful food, but I didn't feel like eating much so I didn't jack up much of a bill there, you're welcome. This is not uncommon, not for people like me, however, since I am part of a very small minority you will not see much in the media about it, even online you'd be hard pressed to find many of us.

The other is that the state could fund for a surgery that would cost a couple thousand dollars, done by professionals who have actual training. Instead they would rather force us to get an unnecessary surgery, and instead pay for hospitalization caused by complications due to not getting the simpler version. Not only that, but the more expensive surgeons lack in training, plastic surgeons do not have the stringent requirements a urologist does, nor the specialization in that particular area, which means it's a high risk procedure on it's own. Now I do say unnecessary, for asexual transgendered people specifically. We don't want the genitals, and it's not a sexual thing, we have no interest in sex and thus the entire surgery would simply be a waste.

Now, the part you pay for, the taxpayer. Often to hide the genitalia a transgendered woman, or asexual transgendered, must use method which commonly reduce the circulation to that particular body part. Medical doctors warn against purposefully removing the circulation, it can cause blood clots, and even other dangerous conditions long after you stop. These are paid for by the taxpayers, the conditions and ailments caused by reducing circulation. Instead of offering the simple procedure, cost effective one, to us willing to accept them, they insist on forcing us to wait.

Now, if you are still reading all this, you will see that there is a suspicious pattern to all of this. My previous posts about medical practitioners should now make much more sense, and demonstrate why I have pointed out that greed drives them all. Well, greed and power, but mostly greed. I have been told, indirectly, by medical professionals that I am lying about what I am, psychiatrists often look at me with disdain, even hatred. But on realizing that my life may be cut short soon, and that I may not have any reason to be happy about dying, I will be more aggressive against these vile monsters, the medical professionals who have almost allowed me to suffer to death, and who continually ignore the fact that I may have an issue between my legs which will eventually cost taxpayers millions.

Nothing they do now will be in the dark. That includes those doctors at Virginia Mason hospital, and those at Harborview hospital that seemed to want me to die.

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