Saturday, March 1, 2014

"God Blessed Me" - The Hidden Ulterior Motive

When people do things selflessly, they often have little more to say than "it was the right thing to do." The more honest one would say "I thought it was the right thing to do" however selflessness is what I am addressing here. Oddly, the most heroic people on the planet are almost never interviewed, because without an ulterior motive they offer the fewest catch phrases, and least content to their interviews, and that won't attract viewers, readers, or listeners to media outlets.

So instead we are inundated with fake heroes, often citing that some imaginary deity helped them, or even going so far as to stretch the truth of matters to nearly unbelievable tall tales. But the "god helped me to ..." is the most insidious of the ulterior motives, because it masks itself as being selfless. The problem is that the large population of religious people will, without question, think this person is somehow special, and that's what the person who makes such a statement really wants. Another version of this is calling it miraculous, when it was nothing more than someone doing something correct, for a change.

I am railing against religion often right now, but then I have seen many people in the news who are using their religious ideals in manners such as this, and real heroes lost in the avalanche of texts on Twitter and other social sites because of it. This is really just a short post, sort of an addendum to my last post, though the topic is just different enough warrant it's own post.

So next time you hear someone claim their imaginary friend, who lives in the sky, helped them, or that it was some miracle, ask them why they feel so unimportant in their lives as to make something up as a means of garnering attention from others.

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