Wednesday, March 5, 2014

UPS - A Customer Review

I am not above customer reviews of products or services, part of being an informed consumer is informing others of them. Now, into the snake pit that is UPS.

I live in a secure building, that means the door is locked on the main floor, to enter you must call a resident at the front door. If you have lived in a big city you will know this, it's pretty much standard. But UPS drivers are incapable of dialing those three little numbers into the number pad to let us know they have our package down there. Instead they give the package to whoever passes by, or some business.

Being disabled, I am at home, waiting for this package, only to suddenly receive a delivery confirmation. I'm sitting right next to my phone! The thing that rings when they dial that three digit number. I have no clue where they put the package, none at all. It's lost. A hundred dollars in US taxes lost by the company only because of their laziness or stupidity.

My story is but one of many too, this is a very common problem, for all types of buildings. We depend on these services to get products, many times these are life and death products, to the location we paid them for. But they almost never deliver, and are almost never held accountable for it.

So I invite you to start complaining, not just to them, but to the Better Business Bureau and even the legal system if need be. Start demanding we get what we pay for, we don't pay them to purposely lose our packages, or to give our products away to other people. Demand they give us decent service, or go to companies that offer such.

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