Monday, March 10, 2014

Jared Leto - The Scapegoat

Recently the Advocate had a very well written article on this story, I have nothing to really add on it so here is the story:

Op-ed: What People Don't Get About Dismay Over Jared Leto

Though I have nothing to add to the article's content, or change for that matter, I want to add my voice to this chorus of disappointed cries.

Being transgender is not an illness, it is not a disability, nor is it in any way dangerous, inherently. However many people who are transgender are labeled as ill or disabled, and many are placed in harm's way by idiotic bigots who have nothing more than their own insecurities guiding their actions.

Laws are being drawn up in the USA that are being paraded from both sides as political clout, nothing more. Those supporting them are simply saving face for decades of ignoring us, and those opposing these laws are doing so with underhanded tactics that prey on the insecurities of morons who didn't learn anything after high school.

That's the problem with all this, this screaming and posturing for the political and ethical high ground, transgender people have become nothing more than a symbol to these people. When you show support by voting for a party just because they sound like they care, you are really just telling us that you don't care at all.

Many times a transgender person is belittled by both those who claim to support, and those who oppose, our equality. Bathroom laws, which were brought to the front of the media circus because of a statistic that does not really mean what they claim, are nothing more than pandering. The very fact that you need laws for this is evidence of how little you care.

The fact that you need to enforce our right to live as our "preferred gender" demonstrates that you have no clue what transgender is. The fact that you tack on labels like "dysphoria" only betray just how naive you are about the brain and biology. 

It is not "preferred," nor is it a mental illness, nor is there anything wrong with us. There is a lot wrong with you though, those who keep feigning support and those who attack us, your education is lacking to such as point as to be laughable.

Here's a small hint, a tiny little clue on what to research, to understand the message I have typed here: Gender is not as definitive to any species as we once thought.

I am not here to explain everything to you, only to point you in the right direction.

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