Monday, October 5, 2015

Sports Arenas in Seattle

Sports in the USA is almost as much of a problem as guns, however no one talks about the problems caused by sports. Forgetting, for the moment, the riots that have always benn common, arenas are the more common problem.

While there is an appearance of sales increase for a handful of businesses, the profits are negligible. Most arena denizens know that they are spending a fortune for their vice, so they withhold most of the money to spend at the arena.

The prices of arena vendors are artificially inflated, by the high rent they must pay for their location. These prices are set by the the owner of the arena, however the vendors must also pay fees to the sports team, and the league organization.

This results in a huge increase of the price, a product that costs one dollar to produce will cost the consumer up to 25 USD, even food and beverage. To reduce competition, the arenas banned all outside food and drink, even if it is necessary for health, to make it worse, the city government and law enforcement allow them to do that.

This forces the arena denizens to spend a fortune on even their own needs, and discourages them from spending in the city that collects almost no taxes from these sales. Fees from the sports organizations are not taxed, none of their profits goes into the city at all, this includes ticket sales.

Now, the biggest part of this problem, in downtown Seattle we see this most, once the game starts there is no parking for any actual customers, none. The streets are bare, save the few brave and healthy individuals who live in the city itself.

This covers the largest portion of profitable business hours for local businesses, especially in Pioneer Square. Prior to the game, the arena denizens use the facilities of local businesses here, making a huge mess, without ever buying anything, and that costs the businesses money which they cannot recuperate because there is no parking for any actual customers.

The rowdiness of the crowds also discourages actual shoppers, as arena denizens are freakishly violent, unruly, and truly disgusting. The city pays for all of this, fronting the bill for cleanup and policing, while businesses fail because of it.

Our city counsel ignores this problem, as they are probably getting handouts from the sports organizations, then they wonder why Pioneer Square is not revitalizing. These two arenas hold games all year long, the noise and air pollution, also the litter and urine, are a serious problem here because of these people.

The local bars do not produce as many belligerent and violent people as the sports arena does. Pioneer Square reeks of urine after every game, and the homeless get blamed for it.

As these arena denizens leave their game, they crowd the streets, scream, yell, blast obnoxious music at ear splitting volumes, and intimidate every possible customer in the area. The insult to this injury is that most do not even live in the city.

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