Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gods, Religion, and Science

The challenges faced by those who are atheist are innumerable now, because many of us have recently decided to vocally challenge the claims. Religion cannot stand up to scrutiny, none of it does.

Religious people have constructed a double standard, how they test their religion is different than how they test others. They are also very dishonest in their attempts to twist things, so as to convince the nonbeliever that their beliefs are correct.

This is a common tactic used by snake oil salesmen and terrorists. It is no coincidence that terrorism was born from religion, the entire "believe us or suffer" argument is still used by even christians in the USA.

The problem they face is that they cannot convince the majority to embrace their hatred unless they convince everyone that they have some absolute god talking to them. So they get even more insane as the number of people they can convince dwindles to inconsequentiality.

They struggle to convince you that facts are wrong, that their claims require no evidence, and that their assertions should not be questioned. The more they do this, the less influence they have because everyone today is able to verify any statement.

The fun fact here is that none of them have any empirical evidence supporting their gods.

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