Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Capitlaism Needs Socialism

The notion that Capitalism and Socialism are at odds started during the cold war, ironically the cold war had nothing to do with Socialism. The political elite started this "everything but Capitalism is bad" as a misguided attempt to convince fools to remain patriotic.

Patriotism is not about blindly supporting one's country, and Socialism is not incompatible with Capitalism. The fact is that both need each other, to fund Socialist policies you need Capitalism to produce taxable incomes, for Capitalism to remain stable you need Socialist policies.

Capitalism is literally an open and free market, which means few regulations on the economy itself. We do need some regulations, that is obvious thanks to China, but such regulations must be sane and demonstrably affective.

The EPA has found a balance that other organizations in the USA struggle with, the result is cleaner environments and a stronger economy. But the EPA is a Socialist policy, it is funded by taxpayers not profits.

Fact of the matter is that our entire government is a Socialist policy, they are all funded by taxpayers not profit. The Republicans have tried to privatize portions of the government with disastrous results each time.

The reason they are disasters is that they have no accountability, the customer is the government itself, the taxpayers never knew who to vote out to stop them, and the companies were guaranteed a profit. Of course the internet has changed this, we no know who is responsible, but their sheep are so blind as to be easily convinced it was the other guy.

Yes, even the biggest corporations in the USA depend on Socialism for their profits. Companies that benefit from war require Socialist policies to earn any profit.

War is a national event, and thus all profits for it come from taxes, taxes which the government gets to decide how they are spent. Wait, that's not entirely correct, the government in the USA does not choose what taxes are spent on, the Federal Reserve does.

This was suppose to be a way to regulate oversight, to prevent wasteful spending like war and corporate handouts, but the Federal Reserve backfired because no one paid attention to it. It is now run by corporate cronies who want the entire system in the hands of a few elite and buyable politicians.

Many lobbyists will wrongfully target politicians and they usually get nowhere, but those who can pony up enough benefits for the Federal Reserve always get their way, such as war production. Disbanding this oversight regulatory program is not the answer, correcting it is.

So the best method to find the perfect Socialist balance for Capitalism to thrive is to reduce the power of the Federal Reserve and enact laws which allow the people to have members in it replaced.

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