Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The War of #CecilTheLion and #BlackLivesMatter

Everyone has this victim mentality in some way or another, and it is never more clear than when outrages clash on social media. Today there is racism and needless destruction of other animals, both are very important, equally horrible, and the monsters who perpetrated them must he brought to justice.

But some people are complaining that their chosen plight is not getting enough attention on social media, that the other plight is less important simply because it doesn't directly affect them. This is contrary to progress, and a common ploy employed by warring groups to make their cause sound better.

Time on social media trends depend on how shiny and new something is, after a fight has been established there is less to post online and more to do about it in the physical world. The end result is that the next outrage takes the stage to try to earn support in the physical world, the previous already has what it can feasibly gain.

Ultimately, no cause is forgotten, especially if it was big on social media for even one day, social media decides how people respond to the physical world events for generations to come. Social media is a stage, with limited time slots, and the focus is not the only cause being fought.

But many whiners will give up, once they realize no one is listening to them at that time, thinking that the fight has ended, that the war was lost to complacency. They fail to see the whole picture, usually because they are being selfish and only want their outrage to be aired.

But so long as you don't annoy people so much that your cause becomes nothing but another meme, there will always be people fighting for it. So don't attack one cause just because you think your cause is better, just keep your cause alive.

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