Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Blame Game: Prejudice and Hate

The blame game is one that has excused many atrocities in the world, it's always the fault of someone else. The worst part about this is that the game never addresses the real problems, it obfuscates the underlying problems.

One example of this is the "white genocide" crowd, by moving the goalposts they successfully excuse the obvious racism in many countries. The systematic abuse of people who are darker skinned is actually a throwback to when our ancestors overcame the other hominids, we eliminated the other human species.

This is an effect of our troglodyte brains trying to vie for resources, a trait that has never actually benefited humanity. But the "white genocide" crowd wants to shift the blame to the ones who are actually being oppressed, by playing the victim when many are the abuser.

Another is the anti-gay crowd, they claim that homosexuality is the cause of all our problems as a method of distracting people from the real problems the anti-gay crowd causes. It reverses the role and leaves all the problems unaddressed, resulting in more problems and no real solutions.

The anti-transgendered crowd is the worst at this, from bathroom slippery slope fallacies to blaming the transgendered for family problems. My mother blamed me for all the family problems, saying that if I just lived how she wanted me to none of it would have happened.

Hospitals also use the blame game, for example Virginia Mason has transgendered people stereotyped to be inherently insane, then treats them based on that fallacious notion. The end result being that any negative reaction of any sort by a transgendered patient is considered cause for removing their rights.

Many other hospitals will ignore medical issues until they become emergencies then make it appear to be the transgendered patient's fault. Others will deny treatment under the guise of being part of their fictitious mental illness, making it all the fault of the transgendered using various blame shifting phrases.

This is not uncommon, but you don't hear about it because transgendered is very rare, and only recently have we had some powerful publicity. Until recently, transgendered people were always regarded as cannon fodder for jokes, stereotypes, abuse, and prejudices against us were always excused by everyone.

Now the global mind is shifting, evolving into something more responsible, and it won't be long before the hospitals like Virginia Mason are held accountable for their past actions against us.

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