Friday, July 17, 2015

So, You Think You're a Geek

The thing about being unique that most people do not know is that you don't have to try to do it. 99% of the human population hide their true selves for fear of social ridicule, and this causes many to become violent toward those who are true to themselves.

This was discovered in many studies, the most famous one being the homophobia study. It found that people who are more violent toward homosexuals are most often repressing homosexual attractions.

The trick is that those who do not hide their homosexuality remind the homophobic people that they are living a lie. This creates a conflict in their emotional state resulting in a desire to destroy, and blame, the others for their own failings.

It does not end there, looking out at the sea of suits and bland clothing you can see that humanity conforms in most things. Standards set by dogmatic leaders who wanted to ensure that only their ideas persisted.

Often being unique is as simple as adding color to your own wardrobe, discarding fashion for fun, or even as simple as a hat that no one else wears. I have such a hat, plus I rarely have fewer than three colors in my outfit, and I dance when a good song comes up in my phone while I'm walking down the street.

I don't do these things to avoid conforming, I avoid conforming because those things are fun to me. This is what Goth was originally about, not the Victorian conformity it has become.

Conforming to any group is a bad thing, to a Goth we take this to the extreme either by choice or just because the alternatives suck. So we stopped calling ourselves Goth for that same reason.

The best thing is that by not confirming you become a better candidate for hiring, you also become the perfect geek. Many geeks have become conformists, no longer then unique brilliant tech innovators we once were, most have become "civilized."

So they sit at desks, paid by a boss who never even knows their first name, wearing a drab suit, eating bland food. A true geek is much like a celebrity, we are so good at what we do we get invited to the office parties, wear whatever we want, make silly demands that no one else understands.

Me? A plate of tomato slices will shut me up while I eat them all, otherwise I will talk your ear off. That is my celebrity quirk, sliced tomatoes with salt and lime juice.

Little things like that are memorable, the clothing is noticeable, the skills are undeniable, and this makes me a real geek. Yes, most techies in business are not geeks, they are trained monkeys, drones incapable of original thought, useless without their masters.

While that works to get the basics done, consider if something comes up requiring original ideas? The business techie could never get a request and just say "I'll figure it out," for if they are not instructed how to do it by someone, they will never find a way to accomplish the task.

The tattoo shop owner said he wanted a few spiders walking on his website, he was joking but I set out to accomplish just that, and in a few hours spiders were walking across his website. Ironically, of all the fancy scripting and layout work I did, the spiders are certainly his favorite part.

This was my favorite business site I had ever made, it stretched the limits of my skills and I didn't even get directly paid for it. I wanted one business in my portfolio, and that's what this was all about, and every true geek will have at least one such example.

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