Friday, July 31, 2015

Abortion and Terrorism

The folly of the abortion argument is that those who claim to be pro-life are clearly only about controlling others. They are using fear tactics, the very definition of terrorism.

One lie they use is by interchanging completely unrelated words to make it sound like something completely different. Calling a fetus a baby is the most common one.

No medical person would ever call a fetus a baby, the two are polar opposites in development, both require vastly different care. A fetus is not even alive, anymore than a tumor is.

Yes, a fetus is equivalent to a tumor, it leeches on the host for sustenance and cannot thrive without the host organism. But if you would call a fetus a life then you must go back further, to the sperm and egg itself.

But that is not where it ends either, the semen would also have to be called a baby, making masturbation and contraception equal to infanticide. That would be silly, right?

Not according to the logic employed by the anti-abortion crowd, their logic also allows you to claim that lust itself is murder. This is the idiocy of the anti-abortion crowd that the media tries to hide, because it makes them look like the morons they are.

They also attempt to claim that abortions beyond 12 weeks are being performed in the USA, they're half right. There are cases in which it is medically necessary, the when both lives are in danger the logical choice is to end the one that cannot survive on it's own.

Other cases are abusive relationships, which are responsible for premature birth and late term abortions, most of these are perpetrated by the very personality types that are anti-abortion. Most abuse is a mode of control over another being, not allowing them to decide for their own self.

Often abortions occur without any intervention, many times they are preventable with proper medical care but such care is unavailable because the mother has Jo access to such medicine. Yet the anti-abortion league refuses to fund Planned Parenthood, the primary resource for such mothers.

The fact is, all this outrage is phoney, it's a lie, a sugar coating. The true mission of the anti-abortion crowd is to force religious laws into our secular government.

They lost against gay marriage and now they are aiming for something they can paint in a darker light, to scam more people into following their false movement. To accomplish this they are fabricating evidence and using libel, the very tactics used by the moderate terrorists.

So if you think anti-abortion "has a point," consider what you are saying: no one but the church should decide what people do.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cats, Kittens, and Risk

Typically, I actually don't like kittens except in photos and videos. They are rambunctious, everything is a toy, they can't control their claws, and generally require a lot of attention to raise well, unless you become a monster and abuse them.

So I avoid adopting kittens, I love the look a cat gives you when they finally realize they're home after they had seen the dark side of humanity. Don't get me wrong, I wish no cat was ever abused, but as long as most humans are monsters I will enjoy the feeling of being their rescuer.

About a year ago I had adopted such a cat, she was a mess of social issues and problems cause by six years of neglect and abuse. Pepper was afraid of everything, and afraid to do anything, even to venture out.

So I did the best I could to mend her, but her fear of abandonment was so bad that she would even cry if I was gone for too long. Seeing her that upset at the thought of being torn from the only being who treated her well bothered me so much that I was unable to get much done to better our lives.

She couldn't be forced to live with an adult cat, far too timid and most cats will see her as prey, which would not be good for her. I came up with this hail mary plan to adopt a kitten, something I did not want to do but Pepper's health is my health so I began searching for a suitable companion for her.

I found an adorable little runt, all black and too small to ever be a threat to Pepper, of course he came with a few problems but that is another tale. When he first tried to say hi to Pepper, she ran off, avoiding him as much as possible.

I feared my effort was wasted, there was only a few weeks which he could wait before being adopted it would be impossible. During this time I watched them interact, every movement and reaction was logged and recorded, I wanted this to work so I could get work to improve our lot.

One day, Rhodey got particularly playful and kept trying to get Pepper to join in the revelries, but she was not interested and just glared at the runt. Then it happened, Pepper stood up for herself, hissed and swatted Rhodey.

Of course the kitten got the hint, and after checking him carefully for wounds, I petted Pepper gently to let her know it was all okay. She did what I needed her to do in order to leave them alone together, she took charge without causing harm.

From that moment things progressed rapidly, eventually Pepper began playing with the runt, and seeing my smile let her know it was all okay. The two love to wrestle, Pepper even plays defeat sometimes to encourage Rhodey.

In my mind I had, at least, found a friend for Pepper when I was out, but the two have become more like brother and sister quite quickly. One issue was getting Pepper the courage to wander about with me, Rhodey had no fears about such things, but Pepper didn't appear to improve.

To my amazement, she actually asks to go out now, and follows Rhodey everywhere when we do. They both stick close to me, which is preferred behavior, but to see Pepper walk in the apartment building, outside of the apartment, with her tail held high is amazing to me.

Among other positive changes, Pepper is getting much more exorcise, and she looks healthier because of it. She is also trying food she sees Rhodey eat, another of her fears overcome.

This kitten, who is now twice the size we got him and much more affectionate, has bonded with Pepper, something I never thought I'd see happen. Taking risks, going outside your comfort zone, trying something different when all else fails, that is how we move forward.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The War of #CecilTheLion and #BlackLivesMatter

Everyone has this victim mentality in some way or another, and it is never more clear than when outrages clash on social media. Today there is racism and needless destruction of other animals, both are very important, equally horrible, and the monsters who perpetrated them must he brought to justice.

But some people are complaining that their chosen plight is not getting enough attention on social media, that the other plight is less important simply because it doesn't directly affect them. This is contrary to progress, and a common ploy employed by warring groups to make their cause sound better.

Time on social media trends depend on how shiny and new something is, after a fight has been established there is less to post online and more to do about it in the physical world. The end result is that the next outrage takes the stage to try to earn support in the physical world, the previous already has what it can feasibly gain.

Ultimately, no cause is forgotten, especially if it was big on social media for even one day, social media decides how people respond to the physical world events for generations to come. Social media is a stage, with limited time slots, and the focus is not the only cause being fought.

But many whiners will give up, once they realize no one is listening to them at that time, thinking that the fight has ended, that the war was lost to complacency. They fail to see the whole picture, usually because they are being selfish and only want their outrage to be aired.

But so long as you don't annoy people so much that your cause becomes nothing but another meme, there will always be people fighting for it. So don't attack one cause just because you think your cause is better, just keep your cause alive.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Blame Game: Prejudice and Hate

The blame game is one that has excused many atrocities in the world, it's always the fault of someone else. The worst part about this is that the game never addresses the real problems, it obfuscates the underlying problems.

One example of this is the "white genocide" crowd, by moving the goalposts they successfully excuse the obvious racism in many countries. The systematic abuse of people who are darker skinned is actually a throwback to when our ancestors overcame the other hominids, we eliminated the other human species.

This is an effect of our troglodyte brains trying to vie for resources, a trait that has never actually benefited humanity. But the "white genocide" crowd wants to shift the blame to the ones who are actually being oppressed, by playing the victim when many are the abuser.

Another is the anti-gay crowd, they claim that homosexuality is the cause of all our problems as a method of distracting people from the real problems the anti-gay crowd causes. It reverses the role and leaves all the problems unaddressed, resulting in more problems and no real solutions.

The anti-transgendered crowd is the worst at this, from bathroom slippery slope fallacies to blaming the transgendered for family problems. My mother blamed me for all the family problems, saying that if I just lived how she wanted me to none of it would have happened.

Hospitals also use the blame game, for example Virginia Mason has transgendered people stereotyped to be inherently insane, then treats them based on that fallacious notion. The end result being that any negative reaction of any sort by a transgendered patient is considered cause for removing their rights.

Many other hospitals will ignore medical issues until they become emergencies then make it appear to be the transgendered patient's fault. Others will deny treatment under the guise of being part of their fictitious mental illness, making it all the fault of the transgendered using various blame shifting phrases.

This is not uncommon, but you don't hear about it because transgendered is very rare, and only recently have we had some powerful publicity. Until recently, transgendered people were always regarded as cannon fodder for jokes, stereotypes, abuse, and prejudices against us were always excused by everyone.

Now the global mind is shifting, evolving into something more responsible, and it won't be long before the hospitals like Virginia Mason are held accountable for their past actions against us.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Honesty: Can I Trust You?

Can a person be taken seriously if they don't say what's on their mind? The short answer is no, but let's analyze the why people trust dishonest people more.

First thing people often look for is language, and there is even a study done to prove the points in here. Often bad language is thought to only be a specific subset of words, and this is what messes it all up.

If a person is more worried about avoiding that specific subset, then they are more likely to worry about social opinion over fact. Foul language includes using any word in a different manner than the socially accepted definition, so sorry you prudes but "fuck" is less foul than saying "fudge" instead.

We have been conditioning people to accept thought control and police, by doing so we have created the perfect set of cues to detect honesty. When a person who is staring at someone for any reason turns away, you can be certain they are less likely to be honest when asking them an opinion.

There is one exception, when trying to look coy so as to pique the interest of someone else, in which case they are likely to be very open and honest. The coy look is often associated with those who are excessively sexual, the term slut being used for them.

However, the coy look is not about sexual activity, it's about getting your attention for any reason, though sexual activity is jot a bad thing, without it you'd not be able to read this. Nervousness when called some of the shaming terms is another sign of dishonesty.

An honest straight person is likely to play off being called gay as a joke, no shame, no embarrassment. If a person called a shaming term gets angry or upset then they are hiding something, usually the thing the term implies, this means they are not honest with themselves.

Now when asked an opinion if they don't at least try to make an effort to analyze before answering they are probably not being honest. A negative opinion is always an honest one, but a positive one can only be honest if you take the time to form the opinion, otherwise it's a platitude.

Violent people can be trusted, they are honest, but the fact that they're violent is a good reason to not befriend them. Yes, pretty much anything looked down on by society is a good cue, if they exhibit the behavior not accepted by society then they are probably being honest.

Online honesty become compulsory, so much that we often share more about our thoughts than we intend to. When you learn to embrace this honesty you become something many people envy, you reach a level of awesomeness that is often exclusive to celebrities.

Now you're probably saying that not all speech should be allowed, but that would remove our greatest tool ever. When we see racism, for example, we can identify the pattern that breeds it then address the problem at the root, and that's how you kill all weeds.

For racism we see it brewing most in uneducated, religious, and heavy gun ownership areas. So we can address those issues and reduce racism, eventually we can force racism into the dark region of our specie's past, the place the Crusades and slavery reside.

So let's stop being such pussies and spread honesty across the globe, make our species tigers instead.

What? What other pussy would a cat person be talking about?

Friday, July 17, 2015

So, You Think You're a Geek

The thing about being unique that most people do not know is that you don't have to try to do it. 99% of the human population hide their true selves for fear of social ridicule, and this causes many to become violent toward those who are true to themselves.

This was discovered in many studies, the most famous one being the homophobia study. It found that people who are more violent toward homosexuals are most often repressing homosexual attractions.

The trick is that those who do not hide their homosexuality remind the homophobic people that they are living a lie. This creates a conflict in their emotional state resulting in a desire to destroy, and blame, the others for their own failings.

It does not end there, looking out at the sea of suits and bland clothing you can see that humanity conforms in most things. Standards set by dogmatic leaders who wanted to ensure that only their ideas persisted.

Often being unique is as simple as adding color to your own wardrobe, discarding fashion for fun, or even as simple as a hat that no one else wears. I have such a hat, plus I rarely have fewer than three colors in my outfit, and I dance when a good song comes up in my phone while I'm walking down the street.

I don't do these things to avoid conforming, I avoid conforming because those things are fun to me. This is what Goth was originally about, not the Victorian conformity it has become.

Conforming to any group is a bad thing, to a Goth we take this to the extreme either by choice or just because the alternatives suck. So we stopped calling ourselves Goth for that same reason.

The best thing is that by not confirming you become a better candidate for hiring, you also become the perfect geek. Many geeks have become conformists, no longer then unique brilliant tech innovators we once were, most have become "civilized."

So they sit at desks, paid by a boss who never even knows their first name, wearing a drab suit, eating bland food. A true geek is much like a celebrity, we are so good at what we do we get invited to the office parties, wear whatever we want, make silly demands that no one else understands.

Me? A plate of tomato slices will shut me up while I eat them all, otherwise I will talk your ear off. That is my celebrity quirk, sliced tomatoes with salt and lime juice.

Little things like that are memorable, the clothing is noticeable, the skills are undeniable, and this makes me a real geek. Yes, most techies in business are not geeks, they are trained monkeys, drones incapable of original thought, useless without their masters.

While that works to get the basics done, consider if something comes up requiring original ideas? The business techie could never get a request and just say "I'll figure it out," for if they are not instructed how to do it by someone, they will never find a way to accomplish the task.

The tattoo shop owner said he wanted a few spiders walking on his website, he was joking but I set out to accomplish just that, and in a few hours spiders were walking across his website. Ironically, of all the fancy scripting and layout work I did, the spiders are certainly his favorite part.

This was my favorite business site I had ever made, it stretched the limits of my skills and I didn't even get directly paid for it. I wanted one business in my portfolio, and that's what this was all about, and every true geek will have at least one such example.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Internet Marketing

So I have been working on marketing a local tattoo shop online, but here's the catch: the guy in charge is one of those who claims he'll never own  a smartphone. To make matters worse, he had resources scattered about, half finished listings in directories, and almost no login information for any of it.

So my first task was simple, but such a headache that I wound up smoking more. I needed to wrangle all these loose ends online and tie them together.

I began by creating accounts for the shop on the popular social media systems, like Twitted and tumblr. All these were tied to either his personal email, or the shop email I later discovered which the boss knew nothing about.

During this task I also pestered him for login information to everything, and told him to keep copies of this information in a secure place that he could access. I think he did that last part, but I'm storing most of it myself, just in case.

Then I began the fun and exciting task of building a new website that would make it possible for him to post once, then forget about it. That meant connecting all the social media to the website with an automated posting script for photos and news.

With that done, I worked to repair the damage of his neglected online presence. This was where it got really fun, and by fun I mean exasperating.

After correcting the flaws in all the directory listings, revitalizing the Google+ page, and establishing a working and attractive website that was also mobile friendly, I had to show him how easy it all was. At this point I was doubting if this would pay off, he was very reluctant to listen and trust me.

Managing to convince him to invest pocket change in an online advertising campaign through Google, it's a very inexpensive way to advertise to millions, I knew we were finally ready to see results. Ironically, the results were actually better than I had anticipated.

After only working on this campaign for a couple weeks we saw a significant increase in business and much of that was verified to be from social media and Google. So now I am looking at the possibility of getting four solid contracts to do this for other businesses, most without the baggage of neglected online activities.

This experience has encouraged me to offer some advice to brick and mortar shops, so here goes.

* Keep your accounts, while this sounds like common sense many people have created accounts for their business and just stopped caring. They lose the login information and ultimately they lose that account. Keep the records somewhere, even if you don't think the internet presence is helping.

* Do not ignore the power of social media. Billions of people use this medium for recommendations, contacts, information of all sorts, even product searches. If you have an inactive social media presence you will be less likely to gain any new customers than a business that sells junk. Ask any online marketing expert how to gain attention and they'll tell you social media is the best medium.

* Have a super friendly website, this means mobile, desktop, fast loading, visually appealing, and informative. If you want people to call or visit the store for a lot of information then include as much information for how to do that as possible. But remember, the more options for contact the better. Answer questions on social media if you are able, post regular changes in products and services as well, if in doubt, post a silly joke.

* Photos, video, and graphics are you best friend and worst enemy. While you will need a lot of this, do not use super hi-res or hi-def, make it small enough to load quick, big enough to notice. This is why hiring people like me is your best option, even someone with a little less experience than me will be able to give a better idea of what works, just ask for a geek.

* Don't be afraid to offend, Ty still does not get this point yet, but you will offend a lot of people no matter what you do, and many people online are searching for reasons to be offended anyway. You won't get noticed if you don't offend anyone, so be offensive if the opportunity arises. Mainstream media has been using offensiveness as a tool to increase ratings since the caveman, you can ride those waves to gain more attention.

* Brand everything! I cannot stress this enough, don't worry about copyrights online, they don't exist, but branding is more affective because of that. So be the first to use an image or icon, then post it everywhere. People will seek out it's origin, and they will find it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Male, Female, Genetics, and Transgenderd

I can't believe it took the bigots this long to get to the chromosome argument. The irony of this argument is that most doctors don't even know why it's bunk.

The chromosome myth was started when genetic testing was first made possible, they used a small sample population. The findings were that almost all the male homo sapiens of the test possessed the chromosome now labeled as Y, while most of the females possessed two of the chromosomes called X.

The fact is, we knew almost nothing about mutations, and genetics, when this was published. As per the standard routine, the media reported it incorrectly and the myth took off.

Without a resource like the internet, the game of telephone took off and eventually this myth was even taught in schools as fact. No one questioned it, why would they?

Less than 10% of homo sapiens go through genetic testing, even today. We also have not fully mapped the human genome, mapping means we have an understanding of how genes interact, genes do not do things on their own, they create chemicals based on other genes being present.

Which, ultimately, explains why there are many males born with female anatomy but male hormones, females born with testicles instead of ovaries, and why the binary gender system is so rare in nature. Hint: our genders are not binary, but the system is now broken so only one set can reproduce.

The most successful species have no gender, of very fluid gender reproduction, like frogs able to change their genders based on need. Ultimately, we now see that nature rarely selects a rigid reproductive system, thus, our entire concept of male and female is wrong.

So when you attack transgendered folks based on chromosomes you are, in fact, informing the world that you are an uneducated troglodyte incapable of learning.