Saturday, December 12, 2015

Religion Vs Atheist

The biggest lie that religious people are telling today is that atheist is a religion. When pressed for why all they say is "it just is because I say it is."

The reason for this tactic is because religious people are simply too closed minded to even understand that not everyone needs religion. Actually, their minds are so closed that they cannot even fathom someone possibly thinking differently than they do.

As an atheist who was raised by an obsessively religious parent, I know for a fact that everyone thinks differently. This is actually a good thing, if everyone saw everything exactly the same then nothing would ever improve.

This is why religion must force everyone to assume that everyone else thinks exactly like them. Religious leaders lose all profit and power if things improve, their entire power structure is based on keeping people as miserable as possible.

So followers are forced into a spiral of despair from the start, and it all starts by convincing the follower that they are flawed and that those flaws are bad. Once convinced that all differences are flaws, they strive to hide their differences by pretending they are just like all the other followers.

By doing this they naturally become miserable, they hate themselves more than they hate everyone else. Then jealousy makes it's ugly appearance.

These followers then work to ensure that everyone else is as miserable as they are, which then encourages more people to join their religion. Ultimately, peace and health is against all religions, it's poison to them.

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