Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Corporate Greed

Now the third par of how corporations are actually screwing you. You always here about how bigger corporations are evil monsters but the small businesses are innocent and perfect.

This is because we, as a society, must have a bogyman, so we bought into the marketing campaigns that paint the bigger corporations as evil monsters. It was an easy target to hate, of course Republicans didn't help the big corporations by giving them that stupid label of "person."

The fact is, corporations are not the bad guys, but corporations can have bad people working in them. The entire reason corporations became our bogyman was because some struggling small businesses discovered that they could more easily push out the big corporations using the laws.

So they started campaigns to paint every major corporation in competition with them as bad, then convince the local idiots to vote for laws that pushed those bigger corporations out of the towns. Now the part you missed, a corporation does not have to be big, even your local ice cream shop is probably a corporation of it's own.

A corporation is actually a business that pools it's profits rather than splits them up among those in charge. Oddly, a corporation may only have one person that is in charge of this account, which is what small businesses do.

Bigger corporations have more people in charge, that means more people making decisions. This is actually why major corporations are less corrupted than the small businesses.

Yes,I did just type that. Don't buy the rhetoric about how big corporations are ruining everything, if that was the case then we'd already be extinct.

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