Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Farmers Hate People

Continuing on the topic of how corporations are really making us ill, we revisit the most corrupted industry called "organic farming." This also mirrors herbal remedies and homeopathy, but the opposition to something that could save billions of lives is why I pick on the organic crap.

Long ago, farmers discovered some methods of preserving food for transport to the grocers across the globe. This would have helped so many people get food that no one should have starved, but they did, and for only one reason: greed.

Farmers did not see a solution to a problem, instead they saw an opportunity to increase their profits by exploiting the people who depended on their products. To do this, they started destroying edible food.

Yes, that was how they kept the demand high, collectively deciding to reduce the food they sold to make their products more valuable in spite of improved preservation methods. Suddenly there was a crisis, at least that's what we were told, and the government had to subsidize these poor starving, filthy rich, farmers.

Of course that didn't atop them from scamming us all, actually it encouraged more corruption in the farming industry. Then the competition got heated as a few decent companies developed even better methods of preserving food.

The farmers did not like the fact that the companies who produced these openly shared them so everyone knew they existed, worked, and were safe. So the farmers did the one despicable act they could get away with, terrorism.

Farmers across the globe began to spread lies by funding fake studies to show that certain chemicals caused cancer, they did this for all the chemicals but the ones they used. Crafty people know that too much of any chemical will kill you, and many of them will cause cancer.

So the fake studies could easily convince most people that "chemicals" were bad even though everything is a chemical, and that modern genetic modification was bad even though it produces fewer mistakes. Not to mention, synthetics and modern genetic modification are all more regulated than any of the others, because the scientists requested it.

Yep, the developers and scientific minds that produced modern GM methods, as well as the synthetic compounds used in foods, requested regulations. This is what science is, regulation of all discoveries so that false information is quickly removed before someone gets hurt by it.

Organic farmers refuse regulations, they actually oppose regulation of their own food in all ways, even the use of pesticides known to cause cancer. Most chemicals that qualify as "organic" were discarded by the corporate farm industries because they were being sued.

They were sued because these organic compounds, as we discovered, were very poisonous. If the food is not processed then the organic pesticides and herbicides will kill you.

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