Friday, May 22, 2015

The Woes of Josh Duggar

I have heard every excuse for why the Josh Duggar should be "forgiven," none hold water but one is a clear example of how ignorant religion makes you. Hormones are not an excuse, never have been a valid excuse, never will be a valid excuse, for harming other people.

The last part of that is very important, hormones have unique effects on the organism, while some affect physical changes, others affect personality traits, cravings, attractions, etc. But the hormones do not affect both, it's a singular effect for each one.

Many hormones are so specific, because of physiology, that the effect is limited to very specific body regions. So no, the hormones released through puberty cannot control you, cause you to misbehave, or even alter your personality.

This is a lame excuse used for thousands of years to enforce misogyny, yep, men would excuse their bad behavior using the exact same reason they would claim women were inferior. It created the tautology of "boys will be boys," which helped to keep males blameless for every female they hurt.

Not to dismiss the fact that it happens in the reverse in some cases, but this is the history of this lame excuse I am focusing on. Christians are touting other lame excuses, like saying their god forgives him and expecting the victims to just accept the abuses.

The fact of the matter is, until they prove their god exists they cannot even be taken seriously about what this god says. So this is merely another excuse to allow an abuser to avoid facing justice, and that's all it is.

The Christians have invested so much in the ability of media to turn off your thinking and inject any lies they want, but whenever the people charged with speaking for them are exposed as the horrible beings they are, they know their scam is about to be weakened.

This trend of all religious leaders being shown for the monsters they are is unique to the age of information, and with the internet we can deatroy the con artists by simply keeping these stories alive. No child today wants to listen to a known abuser, it is not until they are isolated from facts and reality that they can be convinced these monsters are good people.

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