Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tattoos Are All Atheist

Tattoos are often associated with anarchy and toughness, but the reality is far more fascinating. Tattoos have a huge social significance in every ancient culture.

Even today, many cultures regard them as records, diaries writ on your skin. Even the less existential cultures regard them as expressions of the self.

Today, many cultures have began to regard them as an art form, far less significant but just as valuable to those who create them. They are the soul of the artist merging with the soul of the canvas to produce a living painting.

The most awesome facet of those who wear tattoos, staring is encouraged.

The this inhibition is something we should all strive to enjoy, and that is what frightens the Abrahamic religions. Religions focus submission through fear and peer pressure, discouraging those who dare to be themselves as a means of controlling the masses.

Tattoos are the epitome of self expression, a way to be an individual, to display accomplishments, a way to make connections permanent without the boundaries set by religious leaders. In essence, tattoos are the ultimate expression of freedom.

So to all the artists that help the common folk become unique, thanks. To those who allow the artists to paint your skin, thanks.

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