Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pity Those Who Believe In A God

The only thing that religious people ever offer are platitudes, yet they think these platitudes are actually answers. They have been trained to think this way, it keeps them from asking questions and probing more deeply.

So here's a complete list of their platitudes and what they actually mean. You'll be amazed at how small this list actually is.

"Give your trust to this god and forget your problem for this god has a plan for you." The meaning is quite clear, it means shut up and stop complaining about things, just give up, don't you dare try to make your life better.

"This god cannot be tested, all the answers you need are in this book about this god." Subversively placating your curiosity, it tells you to stop asking for the evidence, in this way the preacher can tell you that the god says anything they want it to and you cannot oppose it.

"Everything is proof of this god." This is patently wrong, it is also a platitude, specifically it's known as a "gotcha."

The aim is to get you to stop asking for evidence of any claims, by causing an emotional reaction of being backed into a corner they often succeed with this stupid remark, but there is one that you can use in retaliation "prove it." That is a full stop argument, meaning there is no way they can, but they did set the premise that such an absolute is possible so they are now stuck.

"If you pray this god will answer your questions." My personal favorite because it is so easily deflected, they are telling you that in order for you to believe in this god you must first believe in this god, they admit that this god does not exist by doing so.

"It takes more faith to not believe than to believe." A common one that is essentially them admitting they believe only because they convinced themselves it's true, since they know that faith is a bad thing they must project that onto the unbeliever.

"Nothing is possible without this god." This platitude means "you can't do anything, you're useless," pretty basic on this one, and it leads nicely into the next one.

"Your sins are the reason for the bad stuff." In essence, preachers destroy self worth by belittling people, that way they are more easily swayed, as well as trapped by their own self loathing.

They are convinced they need the forgiveness of this god but only the preacher seems to have the ability to hear it because of this imagined flaw. So it creates the perfect trap, they seek the preacher for ways to make themselves worthy and the preacher can tell them anything they want, resulting in a population of mindless robots under the control of the preacher.

Pity them, for the followers know not what they do, they are lost in a simple trap of the mind, a simple spiral into oblivion.

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