Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Doctrine of Atheist

I often see christians attempt to paint atheist people as some dark, evil, monster. They do this to convince the foolish folks to avoid listening to us, as well as to keep most atheist people in the closet.

The fact is, atheist is a compound word from an old language, the parts mean only one simple thing: lack of belief in a god. First the prefix of "a-" means without, or lacking, it in no way means opponent or antagonist.

This is easy to confuse naive people with because of the prefix "anti-", which actually means opponent or antagonist. They are not synonyms anymore than red is a synonym of orange.

The root word of "theist" only implies the belief in a god, and nothing more. Though religion is inherent in such beliefs, they are not intrinsically bound.

There are many atheist religions in the world, they are still all crazy, but they have no beliefs in a god of any type. But let's pretend that atheist is a religion, or even just a doctrine.

Based on what every atheist I know has said, these would be our tenets, our doctrine:

* Question everything.
* Accept facts and reality even when it's not pleasant.
* Don't believe in a god just because someone threatens you with eternal torture.
* Don't abuse anyone, there is no excuse for it.
* Don't rape, murder, or steal because there is no reason to do that.
* Society is a necessary tool for survival, so everyone has to live by the same rules.
* Nothing is sacred, as long as you don't harm someone else.
* Life is precious, so kill only when there is no other option.
* Do not worry about your past, learn from your mistakes then move on into the future.

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