Monday, January 4, 2016

Bundy Terrorists Committing Treason

Power is the thing which the weak fear, the strong respect, and the corrupt desire. This is extremely evident in gun culture, as we see people excusing the misuse of power in very dishonest ways.

Guns, to many people, represent power. To them they think that possessing a gun grants them some kind of superhuman ability save the world.

You will see these people recite the nonsense that "good people with guns save lives." This we know to be false, and that by removing the dangerous devices from the general populace has always reduced the number of power mad individuals capable of killing others in large numbers.

To illustrate my point, consider the number of shooting instances in which all parties involved are really just attempting to control the situation in which none of them are on the right side. These situations almost always result in fatalities.

Now we see the ultimate grab at power by those who refuse to abide by the laws of society, the Bundy thugs. A group of terrorists now holding Oregon public land hostage, simply because they don't like who we put in charge.

In the USA we grant power to those we trust to wield it to benefit the majority of the country, while protecting the rights of the individuals. While the method of how this is done is too complex for a simple blog, it results in some people having to decide if they want to abide by the law, or be removed from society.

The Bundy terrorists have chosen the latter, they became criminals opposing the society we call the United States of America. This is treason of the highest order, they are not opposing the federal government, they are opposing the people that our government represents.

They are in the minority, and if they had chosen to abide our laws then they would have been protected, but they refused to. Many try to compare them to the rioters who invaded protests, but these are two very different instances.

Yes, the rioters were criminals who should have been prosecuted as such, but they never were because the local authorities decided to allow them to continue to disrupt the peaceful protests in those areas. This is exactly the opposite of what Bundy terrorists are doing.

So how does the USA handle terrorists? We do NOT negotiate with them. They must stop their criminal behavior, or disarm and become a legal protest.

Even if the federal government refuses to act, the northwest states possess most of the military in the USA, in terms of manpower and technology. So here's the deal, the military troops could disobey the federal government in this case without breaking any laws.

We have a clear terrorist threat on our lands, since they are domestic terrorists they are committing treason of the highest order. It is not in our character to negotiate with terrorists.

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