Friday, January 8, 2016

Religion Opposes Science

Our greatest achievements as a species are always labeled as negative or destructive by religion, and for good reason. Religion preys on people when they are feeling their most helpless, this is the hook they use for those who are not indoctrinated.

It also helps to keep the indoctrinated from asking the difficult questions. This prevents them from seeing through the very fragile lies told by religious leaders, and it is also why the internet poses the largest threat to religion.

Religion cannot survive the competition of facts, tested by science, which benefit humanity. When humans are not in need, when we are not suffering, we do not look for easy answers.

Humanity is only prone to scams when we lack any real answers, and religion religion is full of platitudes and non-answers to placate anyone when they are at the lowest. This is not a healthy response to problems, as religion makes you complacent and accepting of your horrible predicaments.

Religion convinces you to never seek to truly improve your life, it also discourages helping others for the same reason, to keep humanity as helpless as possible. By doing this, they have managed to convince the masses of horrible things, things which should make us cringe.

Such as slavery, rape, mass murders, war, racism, xenophobia, and general lawlessness in the name of a mythical being they claim to be the supreme ruler of the universe. They make the believers addicts by promising them great rewards for their suffering.

That promise of reward, and threat of punishment, for simply doubting what the leaders say is terrorism. All religion teaches terrorism, it demands it, by calling on the believers to convert others by any means necessary.

So to keep people in the dark, they must paint all accomplishments by humanity as dangerous, evil, and frighten people away from the very things which can make their lives better. This is why religion must oppose all our greatest accomplishments.

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