Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Transgendered Against Psychopaths

The latest tactic of those who hate transgendered is to pretend to be gay, feminists, or even scientists. Their guises are obvious once they start talking, but this tactic has nothing to do with convince you that their position is valid.

This is known as divide and conquer, to make other groups hate each other so no one will fight together. Germaine Greer was the first, masquerading as a feminist to turn feminists and transgendered against each other.

She sold herself to the christian nuts in an attempt to keep the christian majority strongest in the USA. That's the tell of it all, on our own we are all minorities and the christian nuts are the majority.

But united we become stronger than the christian nuts, so they must keep us from being united. They know their time is coming to an end, and this is their last attempt to remain significant.

Whether the person you are facing is truly a masquerader or a paid for turncoat, you will see the exact same flaws in their stance. For one, they oppose transgendered women but not transgendered men.

The reason for this is that transgendered men are their fantasy, just like straight cismales and their lesbian fantasies. We could write an entire novel about the sick fantasies christianity breeds in people.

The fact of the matter is, we just need to shut them out by informing others who these con artists, liars, and sexual deviants are that masquerade as gay, feminist, and scientist just to smear good transgendered folks.

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