Friday, November 13, 2015

The Issues of Muslims in Paris

Know your enemy well, lest you become him.

The biggest problem with how people view the Muslim plague is the association with skin color. Many people see all Arabic people as Muslim, or worse, they think all Muslims are Arabic.

Thus they come to the whole conspiracy nonsense, fueled by a scientific fact that "white" does not even exist. The leaders of other religions milk this racism to hide the fact that Muslim is a religion.

Muslims milk this idea to remain well hidden in a population that they are working to convert. Politicians are milking the blatant racism to scare people into voting for them.

The facts are quite inconvenient to the leaders, as well as painful for the deluded racists. The Muslims, which is what Islam represents, are taking over by conversion, specifically by converting people of all races, then convincing those converts to do their dirty work.

We saw the exact same tactic employed by Christians, which took us almost a thousand years to recover from. Actually, every tactic used by Muslims to spread their hatred has come from the Christians, yes Christianity uses terrorism.

The matter is made worse when people begin to assume that any violence is because of one race, especially while conveniently ignoring the violence they commit. The Paris incidents, contrasted by the mass killings in the USA, present the best example of what happens when race is blamed for the atrocities of religion.

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