Monday, November 9, 2015

The Reason Religion is not Science

The notion of change frightens religious people like Christians and Muslims because it always results in the status quo being upset. This shift in power weakens the religions and provides more evidence of them being scams, this is why education is their greatest enemy.

Science always changes, it works because it changes, each new fact discovered increases our understanding. This is dismissed by religious people as a bad thing, if their claim of being the ultimate truth is ever discovered to be incorrect they lose all their power and profit.

Let's say science discovers a fact, which means it has been tested and shown to be demonstrable, then a theory is formulated. Later a new fact is discovered which has an effect on the first fact, the theory is not wrong because of this new fact, but the new fact must be integrated into the theory to account for its effects.

As more facts as integrated into the theory, the theory becomes more complete, accurate, and useful to our species. We see the effects of this increased knowledge in how the theory produces beneficial results.

Through science we gain complete understandings of the universe around us, understanding which benefits every aspect of our species. But through religion you get brick walls.

Religion makes an assertion, usually an incorrect assertion, then dismisses all facts which conflict with the assertion. Religions offers no explanations, it offers no answers, and it never offers empirical evidence.

Science demands empiricism, which is a fancy word for verifiable. This harms religion because none of their claims are empirical, and the leaders know that.

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