Sunday, August 22, 2010


Perhaps one day, simplicity will make a come back. Why is such a thing important with all the wonderful new stuff we get from complexity? That's simple to, security. All these people cry about security, they worry about what's around the corner, they fear what's new yet claim they are new. Something lacking is real advancement in technology today, not because we have reached the top, not because we have gone into another Dark Age, but because we lost simplicity. With simplicity we had a reason for advancements, to survive, a very simple need. But now we don't worry so much about survival, we have almost everything in check. Through the technology we have created we are no longer threatened by the world around us, the only threat is ourselves and even then that threat is minimal.

So how do we find simplicity? The dreamers, a few actual advance have come from dreamers, mostly because of the gaming dreamers, but we haven't tapped this resource nearly as much as we should. They are part of simplicity, in spite of their elaborate dreams, for in these dreams they do still experience the simple need for survival we are missing. I dream of neural networks, computers capable of fuzzy logic, but to achieve that dream we have to ditch binary, the bane of technology now.

Binary was once the best advancement to humankind, but it is now holding us back. In spite of all the power that our technology has, binary is limiting us a lot. A couple decades ago they were actually looking into fuzzy logic for computers, but then ... they stopped. Everyone lost interest, our processors became faster and better so we stopped advancing them. Why? Because they failed to see the need. So we need to go back to simple needs, find a new one if possible, perhaps instead of survival we can use exploration as the simple need. With fuzzy logic we could store trillions of bytes of data in only a few megabytes.

How do we get fuzzy logic? Not through our current technology, we've tried that and failed, perhaps a step back is the likely solution to this problem. Yes, tapes, old tape systems had fuzzy memory, they weren't binary really. Maybe if we jump back a bit and start exploring a forgotten tech we could advance beyond where we are. But again, we need the dreamers now for this. So don't discount the "crazy mad scientists" or the "dinosaur tech jockeys" ... embrace us.

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  1. Amen.

    Now send this to G4 or something and REALLY stir it up good! (you might be surprised of its feedback)