Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Politician Power

I use to be a part of a political message board though I left for one reason. Seems that the majority of people in my country (United States) are of two types, the conspiracy wacko who thinks everyone is out to get them and the people with blind faith in politicians swallowing what they say regardless of evidence to the contrary. Right now I am going to focus on the blind faith.

How can you follow a politician with blind faith, in the US especially? That contradicts the whole spirit of our nation not to mention against human nature. The worst followers are those who say they believe in political parties, the big two are probably the biggest lies in the country. I have seen a lot of debates turn into party squabbles yet when you listen really close to what they are saying you find that the two parties are almost the same. Look into the actions of politicians from these two parties and they look exactly the same, just different reasons for the actions. People who follow these politicians blindly are incapable of seeing this though because their blind faith would be shattered if they did.

Parties aside, there is a really bad reason to follow any leader blindly, but to follow a politician blindly is pure stupidity. Career politicians, the ones in really high positions, are there for one reason, to earn an undeserved paycheck. Lower ranking politicians it can be hit and miss, some may actually want to do something for the people but their voices will always be drowned out by the higher ranks. I know that quoting their actual pay for the positions contradicts this, but let's look at these deeper. Every tall tale has a kernel of truth, even the conspiracy nuts have theirs. You will notice that all politicians in high positions have holdings in companies, businesses that make money based on what the government here says.

The politicians don't directly influence this, of course they have to go through channels to, which is suppose to keep abuse in check. It really doesn't because the politicians decide on who has control over the organizations that do have the final say in the matter now. Many of these organizations, like the Census Bureau, FCC, and FDA, are allowed the power to decide who gets money, what products are allowed, and which choices we are allowed to make. When we really don't need them to have that power in the first place. There are laws in place to handle almost everything they do already and our law enforcement may not be perfect here but they do a better job than the organizations.

The control of these organizations that too many people have blind faith in as well offers the politicians the ability to control what products, services, and other organizations get acceptance and funds. The strings are too complex to explain in one Blog post but there is logic behind this. So putting blind faith in those at the top, regardless of their party or what they say, is plain ignorant. Politicians make a career out of lying to everyone, even themselves, to gain the trust so no one will question them in the first place. This causes damage, as we can see from the last regime change, and lots of it. To add insult to injury the blind followers are now making excuses for the lies as well instead of demanding the politicians in power now follow through their campaign promises.

In most discussions and debates I offer ideas on how to improve, but not this one, I will merely point out the logical and illogical concepts on this matter because no one will act on them anyway. So here's the task, we have the power of the internet, the ability to look up things from official sources on here, start doing that. Don't pay attention to the "facts" posted by Blogs or talk show hosts who make money on contention, yes, don't even take this Blog at face value, do your own research now. They can't hide everything so the data is out there, you just have to start looking for it. Also, do me a favor, ignore Wicrapedia for such things as well, when any nutjob with a keyboard can edit the information the chances of it being reliable are slim.

As for my "authority" on the subject, as I said, I use to participate in a political message board and had to research a lot of crap to do so, and the logic could not be ignored in this matter, politicians are out to con you, plain and simple. ;)

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