Friday, August 27, 2010

Equal Rights

What are equal rights, what does it really mean? Normally when this question is asked they ask how it means to you. But here's the problem, equal rights isn't about you, or me, or we, or us, or them ... it's just equal. Many rights in the country are trampled on in the name of equal rights, but then that makes them no longer equal. The one most effected by this is freedom of speech, in which people think freedom of speech means "you can say anything you want ... as long as we approve first."

The sad fact is that in order for freedom of speech to be an equal right then we have to let those who say things which do offend us speak as well. While I'm against the religious fanatics and the racist groups, I would never dream of forcing them to stop saying what they want to say, because I truly to believe in equal rights. So if the KKK wants to hold a peaceful rally ranting about how superior they are, we really can't stop them. If the religious fanatics want to whine about gays in the military, they must be allowed to even if someone else disagrees. The reason is quite simple, oppression of speech in any form is not equal. The FCC also goes against equality, but in different ways.

But really, what is equality? It's where all the laws and regulations effect everyone and everything the same, regardless who or what is being effected. If everyone has an equal say in things typically the best idea will have the most supporters, sometimes this is not true but to deny any one voice from being heard is to deny them all. There is a growing problem of superior rights in our country though, instead of being equal many groups are pushing for more than their share, in the name of past persecutions. This is not equal in any way really.

It's easy to see that they are not productive, they are destroying equality. First the ones being effected by this were not the people who actually committed the persecutions in the first place. It would be nice if you could go back in time and prosecute the original perpetrators, but you cannot. Asking for things like payment from their ancestors is far from equality, so is asking for extra protections based on past behaviors. Admittedly these things would have been appropriate in the past as a method of creating change, it is out dated and unequal especially in this time.

So how do we achieve true equality? There is no realistic way to be perfect in this matter, but the laws can be by simply blinding justice, as it was suppose to be. Simply remove any law stipulation that pertains to things which do not effect others. Sounds so simple now, but for some reason this change is impossible to achieve. The main reason is people who are often fighting for equal rights push beyond those and try for superior rights, give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

Ultimately I doubt many people in this country even want equality, at this rate, even the "minority" groups I am part of have been pushing too hard and going to far, so I have seen this from both sides. When I speak of seeking equality I hide or ignore these groups I belong to because I want real equality, not superior rights. Perhaps more people should try living in other shoes like this, maybe then more will see the error of what they believe they are fighting for.

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