Friday, July 25, 2014

The Christian Conflict in Gaza

So I am sitting here, pondering random things I spot on Twitter, as always. It dawns on me that the vast majority of people see what's really wrong with the world, yet only a small handful of us are really willing to actually say or try to do something about it, of those able to. A great example are the atheists forced to remain in the closet or they lose their jobs, and many times their lives.

Religious people have this strange habit of making us anti-theists correct, this being a prime example of such. Most religious people claim to know it's wrong to discriminate or force people to follow a religion they don't want to, but when push comes to shove they always fall silent or outright ignore it when such discriminations happen to someone not of their religion.

I have often been told by these people to just let them have their religion or to stop persecuting them, and when I mention those atheists in harm's way for not believing the mythology they simply ignore it. I have even seen many deny that it happens. Some of these people are from countries where secularism is the practiced law of the land, but even of those, only a few admit atheists are oppressed in most other countries.

I tried to figure this out, why they are so blind to the rest of the world, but all I can guess is that they are selfish. Recently many atheists across the globe worked in an organized manner to actually aid one of us in need, an atheist who was wrongfully admitted to a mental hospital by his own family. The best I saw from some religious people was "pray for him."

Well, prayer is a selfish act on it's own, it's pretending to do something so as to look like the hero while doing absolutely nothing. Most of the others, save the newscasters who milked the story for ratings, didn't even acknowledge he was being persecuted for being an atheist. The reason for this is particular response is to keep their ability to play the persecution card when we point out how silly their fairy tales are.

Enter the Gaza conflict. Here most atheists are very vocal, but not all on one side or the other. Like me, many just think both sides need to grow up, stop endangering innocent lives, and stop fighting. Others side with Israel, and others with Palestine. But we are all vocal, and many trying to do something to help the civilians over there as much as they can.

The difference is that even though an atheist knows how silly the religious nonsense is, we still place value on the loves of those who believe it. But in the reverse, Muslim, christian, even pagans will try to ignore the persecution as much as possible. As for the Gaza events, christians have a vested interest in picking sides, and only a few take the side of Palestine, fewer take the more logical central position.

The reason is the same one that caused the escalation in the first place, a prophecy in their book of fairy tales. Israel would have remained small had the religious nuts of the christians not been so keen on making sure this prophecy was fulfilled. Yet, it can not ever be fulfilled now.

Israel did not rise, the USA did, we supplied the weapons, and it was our interventions that tipped the scales. Israel is now an extension of the USA, for without our supply of weapons, they would all be slaughtered now. They angered too many surrounding countries with this war to survive without us.

So congratulations chriatians, you made the only prophecy that could have been fulfilled in your book impossible to fulfill. You destroyed your last claim to magic, your one possible grain of truth. In short, your bible is now as tactual as Clash of the Titans.

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